2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Revealed: Features, Specifications, And Test Drive

Alfa Romeo has been ones of the world’s most successful luxury automobile manufacturers for many years. Their design team works hard to ensure that all models are created to the highest of standards within the industry. Indeed, that is why the company plans to expand in 2016, and it’s also why the updated Giulia model will reach forecourts next year. The first editions have already come off the production line, and they have been exhibited at some of the most famous car events. We wanted to find out a little more about the improvements made, and we also managed to get hold of one for a quick test drive.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Specifications

The new Giulia offers high-performance thanks to its 50/50 weight distribution. It is one of the most stable cars we have ever had the privilege of using. Much like the Audi Q3, the car offers luxury and power at every turn. It comes with a rear-wheel drive engine that had impressed experts and pundits around the world. With a six-speed transmission, it is capable of going from naught to sixty in less than seven seconds. That is pretty astonishing for a road car. Potential buyers will be glad to know it comes with a Ferrari-built turbocharged V6 under the hood. As you might imagine, it provides just over 503 horsepower.

Features of Alfa Romeo Giulia

As with all models produced by Alfa Romeo, buyers will find lots of standard safety features. The 2016 edition will come with improved driver and passenger airbags. It also features one of the most advanced computer systems we’ve seen in recent times. There are warning lights and notifications or almost anything that could happen. On the outside of the vehicle, the designers have chosen to include sensors. They make a noise whenever you get too close to something. That will almost certainly limit the chances of drivers being involved in an accident. It is hoped the new features will boost safety ratings from official regulators.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia


Image credit- 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Test drive

As we said only a moment ago, we were lucky enough to get a test drive in one of the latest editions. From the second we started moving, it became apparent that we were in for a real treat. Thames Motor Group claims there has been increased interest in models from that manufacturer in recent times. It is easy to see why. Having not driven a vehicle from that company in a long time, we soon noticed the improvements. The car had no trouble with a two-hour motorway commute, and it was nimble enough to weave through traffic in built-up areas. The only issue we had related to the size of the boot. It would appear there isn’t quite enough space for the average family.


If you’re looking to buy a stunning vehicle next year and you’re not too concerned about storage space, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is for you. Just make sure you start saving early because prices are expected to range from £23,000 right up to £50,000. Of course, there are always financing solutions available for those without cash on the hip. Out of all the Alfa Romeo models released during the last ten years, we think we’ve found the winner!

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