3 Added Extras that Make all the Difference

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When you are choosing a car, you probably should focus on the size of the engine and the economy of fuel, or even how much it will cost in your insurance premiums each year. And yet, some superficial things always draw us in and give us that new car feeling.

Though leather seats aren’t the first thing that you think of when you’re looking for a great value family car, you have to admit that they are a deal maker. But what about if you could get heated seats? How would a voice control system take your fancy? Maybe an awesome sound system could be for you?

They may only be added extras, but these are the features we are really looking for – once the engine has been approved, of course…

Heated Seats

They might be a modern comfort, but heated seats have been around as an idea since the 50s. And you can see why. They are ideal for cold mornings where you have to put gloves on to touch the steering wheel at first and perfect for soothing an aching back after a long journey. Plus, given that they are powered by the alternator and not the engine, they are cheap to run and fast to work.

Voice Control System

Remember way back in 2009 when we were all wondering whether voice control would be the norm for our cars? Well, it seems so. In fact, given how much we are all tempted into using our phones while we drive, it’s a great feature to have, allowing you to contact home by call or text and receive messages too.


This system isn’t just an expensive toy for the elite either; you can now get it in almost every car from a New Vauxhall Astra to a top of the range BMW. As your technology gets smarter, cars are catching up and soon, we predict that all cars will come with built-in screens and voice control as standard.

Awesome Sound System

When you’re on a long car journey, there is nothing better than listening to the radio. The playlist you have on can make or break a road trip and the better the sound system, the happier you are going to be with your choices – out with the muffled analogue and in with the DAB!

Interestingly, there have been some studies about the effect music has and it seems that while classical music listeners tend to be the safest drivers, there is also an ‘optimum tempo’ for safe driving at about 60-80 beats per minute – roughly the same as your heart rate. Though this is old research and the experiments sound a bit sketchy, a great sound system will make you love your car that bit more, and that is probably why you will drive more carefully as a result.

Though none of these features are the most important for getting you safely from A to B, they are all great ways to make you fall in love with your car and enjoy a little bit of luxury on your daily commute. And you know you want them all.  

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