3 Great Ways To Customise Your Car

At times, it’s pretty tough being a car nut. We scour the used lots and listings for hours on end, looking for a car that suits our fantasy exactly. As soon as we think we’ve found the perfect model, we start to notice all kinds of little issues we wished we’d paid more attention to! If you want your car to be better suited to you, here are some of the ways you can customise it.


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First of all, one for the saloon owners; reducing the weight. I absolutely adore saloons. They’re the perfect middle-ground between luxury and functionality, making them almost perfect for the new family man. I say almost for a reason. A lot of saloons are just too darn heavy to be an enjoyable drive. If one little tilt in the steering takes you way off your mark, then cutting down the weight could be a good modification to make. How do you do this? You simply take out anything you don’t need! If the back seats never see much use, remove them. You can also release the stock wheels with something made from a lighter alloy. Getting the weight just right for your style of driving can take some toying around, but once you get it right it will feel incredible!

Next up, tuning the suspension. The suspension is another thing which has occasionally ruined perfectly good cars for me. Sometimes, every little bump and pothole sends you flying towards the ceiling. At other times, the suspension’s so weak that it almost feels like your car is hovering above the road! Whatever you don’t like about your suspension, tuning it one way or another can make the whole experience of driving so much more enjoyable. This is a modification you can have done at certain auto shops, but it certainly won’t come cheap! Some real auto-nuts will choose to do the procedure themselves. If you’re going with the latter, then make sure you do your homework! Tinkering with the suspension without knowing what you’re doing can completely warp it, and make the car unsafe to drive. Screw it up, and the repairs will cost far more than the work would have in the first place!

If dissecting your car to modify every little part to your tastes sounds a little daunting, then why not leave it to the professionals? A lot of manufacturers now have portals where you can build your own Audi, VW, or whatever else you want. Simply get yourself onto one of these pages, pick out a model, engine, colour and other features, and you’ll be given a quote right there. Yes, this is very expensive. However, if you’re not an experienced mechanic, you’ll probably spend far less than you would having all the mods done one by one. Have a look around, and see if you can design the car of your dreams today!

There you have just three of the ways to customise your car. Remember this is only an intro; the possibilities really are endless!

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