5 Challenges of Trying to Negotiate a Car Insurance Settlement Without the Help of a Lawyer

While not every single legal battle is going to require the presence or assistance of a lawyer, settling a car insurance settlement is not one of them. While it’s not impossible to get the settlement you want without a lawyer, there are plenty of reasons why you should, and numerous challenges you may be facing.


To help you make this all-important decision, today we’re going to explore five of the most common challenges faced with trying to negotiate a car insurance settlement without a lawyer’s help.

#1 – The Law is Complex

Even if you have a solid case and there’s basically no way you can’t win, if the opposition gets a good enough lawyer on their side, they can make your case fall apart in seconds, and you’ll be left with nothing but expensive court bills.


A lawyer understands the law far better than you probably do, and a solid understanding could be necessary at any point to win your case.


#2 – Less Expensive

Going to court to fight a case can be expensive, and it’s even more expensive if you lose, and the longer it goes on for, the more you’re going to have to pay.

You may be thinking about saving money by not getting a lawyer, but in a lot of respect, they could save you a lot of money, especially when you consider some of the challenges below.


#3 – Properly Challenging Evidence

In any case, you may be presented with evidence from the opposition that needs explaining. If you haven’t got a lawyer, then it’s up to you to try and challenge this evidence in a way that the jury, the courts, and the other lawyers can relate to. If you have no legal experience, this can be very difficult.


The thing with most cases is the fact that you can never be sure what evidence they are going to pull out, and if you can’t explain it comprehensively, that could be the end of your case.


#4 – Filing Paperwork Properly

During any kind of court case, there is paperwork to be filled out, and there are certain procedures that need to be carried out. Let’s say you fill in a form or sign a document incorrectly, this can invalidate the form and your case is gone.


Likewise, if you hand in a form and it’s passed a certain deadline, this can invalidate the form, and your case can be dismissed just like that. Having a lawyer on your side can help you make sure you get everything right the first time.


#5 – Professional Connections

You never know where your case might go or what might come up. In some circumstances, you may need to call in the help of an expert, a witness or a professional to help back up your case. However, not being a car accident attorney, this may be harder than you think to find the right person.


A lawyer has contacts, and they know who to get in touch with if they need to, which can save time and dramatically improve the outcome of your case.



As you can see, there are plenty of challenges you may come across during your case that you’ll want the presence of a lawyer to help you with. Even if your case seems open and shut, you never know what’s going to happen, and it’s better to be safe rather than sorry… and out of pocket.

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