5 New Car Habits To Keep For Life

5 New Car Habits To Keep For Life


When you get a new car, you have that certain way of acting around it. Not only are you super excited to have it and be driving it, but you’re proud to show it off too. So, you do what you can to keep it in its new car state for as long as possible. But, those things soon slip. When you get used to your new car, and it no longer feels like a new car, it’s easy to relax when it comes to certain areas of care and maintenance. But, if you want to save money on your car in the long run, and keep it in good shape, here are the new car habits you should keep up for life.

Wash Your Car

First up, washing your car. When your car is brand new, you tend to wash it all of the time. It’s the only way you can keep it looking, well, brand new! But, after a while, you forget all about it and don’t feel as if the effort is quite worth it anymore. However, if you stick to washing your car regularly, you’ll be keeping the paintwork in good shape.

Get It Serviced

Then there’s the yearly service. When you get it as a part of buying your car, you always seem to keep on top of the service record. But when you have to start paying for it, it’s something to forget. But, it can keep your car in really good condition if you keep on top of your services. So, make sure you set a time of year to carry out your mechanical servicing at somewhere like www.bridgestonecanberra.com.au so that you can be sure it’s running well.

Keep The Interior Clean

When you get a brand new car that is immaculate inside, you’re careful not to get it dirty. It’s like when you go into someone else’s home, and you take your shoes off and watch your crumbs on their furniture. But, in your own home, you’re so much more relaxed. Well, before long, your car interior becomes like your own home. Then, it easily accumulates clutter, junk, and dirt. But, if you consciously try to keep it clear, it will look immaculate for longer.

Watch The Potholes

But it’s not just about the care you take for your car when it’s stationary, you should look after it when driving too. Driving a new car makes you so cautious. You don’t want to attack any potholes or get too close to the curb so that you don’t damage your tires. But this can soon slip. If you want to make sure your tires stay in good shape, like this http://www.thesilverlining.com/westbendcares/blog/bid/187931/six-tips-for-keeping-your-tires-in-shape-so-you-can-be-safe, keep up that initial caution you start with.


Drive Safely
And of course, you always make sure to drive safe in a new car, because you really don’t want to damage or scratch it in any way – it is brand new, after all. But, that can also slip as you get more comfortable with your car and feel more brazen. However, for your own safety and the longevity of your car, you should drive safely at all times.

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