5 Ways Bluetooth Can Improve Your Driving Experience

5 Ways Bluetooth Can Improve Your Driving Experience

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We are almost starting to take for granted that any purchase of a new car will now come with Bluetooth. The fact that we are starting to take this feature for granted suggests that we are dramatically underestimating the functionalities of using bluetooth, the advantages of having it inbuilt into your car, and the ways that it can improve your driving experience.

So here today we are going to share the top 5 ways that bluetooth can improve your driving experience.

Phone Calls

Obviously we are all aware of this use of bluetooth, however the use of bluetooth has never been more important, for making and receiving calls, than it is today. Due to the fact that talking on the phone is now illegal and can even result in you having your driving license taken away, this bluetooth function will no doubt be one of the features you will use in your car. This bluetooth features allows all drivers to be responsible with hands free communication, whilst driving and some models even allow drivers to make and receive calls via a head unit or simply by voice commands.

Some bluetooth softwares from brands such as Subaru, allow drivers to access their address book and scroll through until the find the correct contact all from a head touchscreen interface. Pretty nifty hey, so if you’re interested in the finding out more about this different types of software available with different cars, check out CPSubaru.com. Subaru is one of the top brands when it comes to safety car functions and driver functions that make the drivers experience more secure. With them producing so many new safety features, including their new and improved bluetooth functionality they are certainly a brand to keep an eye on when looking for the latest in safe driving funcionality.



As calling is a big no no, sending messages on mobile phone are most certainly an no go area when driving, and are arguably the most dangerous thing a driver can do whilst driving. So this is where new ‘MAP’ (Message Access Profile) bluetooth software comes into play. Head units paired up with infotainment systems can retrieve messages from mobile phone and even send messages back. This is now being coupled up with text-to-speech software that allows drivers to say a message out loud and bluetooth will transcribe that message and send to your intended recipient.

Music Streaming

With music being such an integral part of spending time in our cars it’s no wonder bluetooth have introduced A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution) which allows you to wirelessly stream your music files to your head unit. This is an amazing way for drivers to be able to listen to any saved music files on your phone. If your phone also has the internet then you will also be able to stream it to internet radios and music on-demand service providers like Spotify.com.

Solve Car Problems

Bluetooth have now created a feature that allows you to search for certain things, including engine problems, should you come into any problems on the road. The OBD-II bluetooth adapter allows you, with a little extra software from the App store of Google Play, to you will be able to check important information all with the help of your bluetooth friend.


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