5 Ways To Save Money On Car Repairs

5 Ways To Save Money On Car Repairs

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Many of us dread having to take our car to a mechanic.  Car repairs are notoriously expensive – many of us spend more in repairs that we did buying the vehicle in the first place. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks to make these repair bills less costly. Here are a few tricks to consider.


Shop around for mechanics

Not all repair centres charge the same rate. It’s worth always shopping around for quotes before getting your car fixed up. Sites like Who Can Fix My Car can offer quotes and reviews of local mechanics in your area in order to find the best one. Reviews are worth reading – some cheap repair centres may be making up for a bad reputation. You want the job done right after all.


Source your own parts

Repair centres aim to make a profit on any parts they buy in. Choosing to source your own parts could reduce costs. There are lots of sites for finding cheap car parts such as Car Parts 4 Less. Used parts are often a lot cheaper than new parts, but be wary of the condition. These parts may be partially worn, which could mean they’re likely to need replacing again in a few months.


Consider a legal claim

Insurance can often cover damage as the result of an accident, although you may find that your insurer doesn’t pay up the whole amount, especially if you’ve set a high deductible. An extra way of getting the money you deserve could be to make a legal claim if you were also injured in the accident. The likes of Rand Spear Law Firm specialise in car accident personal injury claims. On top of helping to repair your car, compensation may also help you to pay for any medical treatment, saving you more money.


Make the right preventative repairs

Sometimes it can be worth paying that little bit more to repair or replace parts which could result in future trouble. If you need to replace a worn tire, check if others are also worn and worth replacing. A full set of fresh tires is much better for the balance of your car – a car that’s imbalanced could cause extra wear and tear to the suspension and brake pads. Parts under the bonnet such as worn belts might also be worth changing pre-emptively. A timing belt can cost $500 to replace, but if you wait until it snaps you could end up paying thousands as the belt is likely to fling off and damage other parts.


Know when to go DIY

Making your own repairs may sound scary, but there are times when it can be sensible. Not all damage is difficult to fix and some small jobs can be done very cheaply. There are lots of DIY repair methods for scratches and bumps worth looking into. On top of this, there are certain maintenance tasks such as changing oil and fluids that can make a big difference. Certain parts can also be easily replaced by watching Youtube tutorials and using the right tools (such as replacing brake pads). That said, you should only ever take on what you feel comfortable with – if you screw it up and cause further damage, you might not be liable for insurance compensation and could add on repair costs.

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