5 Ways To Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lot accidents are one of the most common ways that cars get damaged. Sure, it isn’t as dramatic and distressing as a highway crash. But every ding and dent takes value off your car, increases your insurance premiums, and can get you into more trouble than it’s worth. Today, we’re going to look at five simple ways of preventing accidents in the parking lot. Let’s get started right away.

Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

Ways To Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

Drive slowly

One of the biggest causes of parking lots is down to people driving and reversing far too quickly. Overconfident drivers tend to do this a lot, especially when they are in a rush. So, no matter how late you are for your appointment, don’t rush around when you’re in the parking lot. Not only will you drive more accurately when you are at a slower speed, but you will do less damage if you hit something. Ease off on that accelerator pedal – it’s that simple.

Don’t squeeze in

Just because there is a parking space, doesn’t mean it’s a great fit for your car. Trying to squeeze into a tiny space with a big vehicle is another common reason for parking lot accidents. So, think carefully before you park and don’t be afraid to look elsewhere if you have any concerns. It might cost you another five minutes in time, but it will save you the potential costs of an expensive accident.

Don’t forget about your doors

You’ve spent half an hour getting into a tight spot, and are overjoyed to finally switch off the engine and relax. But, you completely forget where you are, and open the door straight into the car next to you. And just like that, you’re going to face an insurance claim from the owner. So, don’t just park where you can fit in – and always remember that you need to get out of your vehicle safely, too. This is especially relevant when you have kids – who don’t understand that throwing open their doors is going to cause a problem.

Back in

You should always back into a space, so that when you leave, you don’t have to reverse into potential oncoming traffic. Again, this is another very common reason for accidents in parking lots. If you struggle with backing up, there are plenty of options for you. For example, a wireless mounted RV backup camera can help you get a big vehicle parked perfectly. Then, when you leave, you will have an open view of the parking lot and can pull out safely and at your leisure.

Get telematics

Telematics systems are available from many insurance companies – often for free. Telematics works in a similar way to an airplane’s black box. They will give you and your insurance suppliers a report of your driving skills, and it can lead to lower premiums. They are a great way of changing your driving style because the report will tell you exactly where you are going wrong, wherever you are.

Drive carefully out there folks – especially when you are in a parking lot!

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