6 Of The Highest Voted Car Brands Of 2017

6 Of The Highest Voted Car Brands Of 2017


If you’re planning on buying a new car, but aren’t sure what brand to go for – join the queue. There are so many different brands offering different things (or exactly the same thing!) How are you ever supposed to decide which one is suitable for you? Surely we can’t just base our future car on the color it comes in… Right?

Well here are 6 of the highest voted cars (in no particular order) in terms of reliability, performance, features, and of course, appearance.

The Lexus

These are great cars to be in, in terms of comfort and beauty.

As for their performance, they have great control over the roads, especially when driving at a faster speed. They are very smooth and predictable, which is what people want when controlling a vehicle. Perfect for cranking up the pace on inconsistent road surfaces, while staying within your lane at all times. The Lexus GS, GS Hybrid, and LS are all very popular choices.


The Subaru

Subaru is a popular vehicle to drive because its focal selling point is based on safety, while being available in a ton of different styles, from four-wheel-drives to smaller sportier styled cars, making it great for all different audiences.

Paul Moak Subaru is a great place to start looking at Subarus because not only are there a huge selection to choose from, but the deals aren’t one to miss.  

The Porsche

Porsches always deliver a great driving experience. The brakes are made to grip the road confidently, while giving you a gentle ease into the process which leaves you with a wonderful sensation as a pose to just slowing down normally. It adjusts well around corners in a composed manner, and you don’t have to fall out with the wife when buying one, because they come in SUV form too, perfect to fit the whole family in.

The Mercedes

Mercedes are never one to let you down in the beauty department, so if appearance is your main priority, then this may be one for you. When entering the car, you’re greeted by a dreamy leather seat, with a carefully crafted dashboard in front of you. The clean, compact steering wheel is a joy to feed through your hands, let alone all the other beautiful interior design features going on.

The Toyota

Toyotas come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s worth doing some more research if you like the sound of them. The Camry and Camry Hybrid have been the highest voted Toyota because of their funky design, both the exterior and interior, as well as its durability. It not only offers you more power and mileage, but it’ll stay strong a lot longer than other brands out there.

The Hyundai

If you’re looking for a sturdy car that can attack the highway with ease, but also style, then a Hyundai may be more what you’re looking for. Again, this car comes in many different styles, which makes it great for anyone with any background and personal preference. It delivers comfort in all the right areas while tackling long distances at a solid pace.

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