A Productive Rant About Distracted Driving

It seems insane that people are still getting distracted while they’re driving. Surely we all know about the statistics when it comes to motor accidents? There are already so many dangers inherent in the very act of driving. Why make things even more unsafe than they have to be?

A Productive Rant About Distracted Driving


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A lot of technology has popped up in an attempt to tackle the problem. Hands-free phone technology has reduced the number of people holding phones to their ears as they drive. But even hands-free phone technology isn’t perfect. Sure, you should be able to hold a conversation with somebody else in your car while you’re driving. This is part of the reason why many driving instructors choose to talk to the license applicant while they’re taking their driving test. But this split in attention is never ideal.

A Productive Rant About Distracted Driving


To many people, driving has become second nature. It comes almost as easy to them as walking or breathing. This is a pretty good state of affairs, on the surface. But for some people, this leads to one of two things that, in turn, lead to a lot of distraction. The first problem that arises here is boredom. Yes, it will sound weird to a lot of people. It seems implausible that people can actually feel bored while driving. But it’s a lot more common than you might think.

When considering dangerous kinds of drivers, most people will think immediately of aggressive drivers. But you should take a moment to consider bored drivers. If they’re driving along a very familiar route, then they might want to take their mind elsewhere as they drive. If they’re on a long highway, then they might want to break up the monotony of their trip with a distraction of some kind.

A Productive Rant About Distracted Driving 2


It’s at this point that bored drivers start to look for some form of entertainment. Usually, this takes the form of the driver getting out their smartphone and using it as they drive. They may text or check Facebook or watch videos online. Yes, while driving.

The second problem that arises from such familiarity with driving is overconfidence. This problem is also present to some extent with the bored drivers who allow themselves to become distracted. They have complete confidence in their ability to divide their attention. But they’re underestimating how much of your attention driving safely demands.

A Productive Rant About Distracted Driving 2


If an accident occurs and one of the drivers were found to have been distracting themselves at the wheel, then they’re legally culpable. If you were unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a distracted driver’s destruction, then you can take action. Work with auto accident injury lawsuit attorneys to get whatever compensation you’re entitled to.
Authorities aren’t going to accept any excuse. It doesn’t matter if you need to make an important business call. It doesn’t matter that you needed to watch Game of Thrones before your friends spoiled it for you. If you’re driving while distracted, you could face heavy penalties. This can come in the form of a heavy fine, a jail sentence, or even a lethal crash. Don’t risk it.

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