Alfa Romeo GTV 6: Is It Worth The Hassle?

Buying a reliable car that will keep you going for years is the sensible thing to do but it isn’t always the most enjoyable. You aren’t going to have that much fun driving around in a family saloon when you could be in a beautiful old classic. In an ideal world, you could get a classic car that is reliable as well. While there are a few out there, the Alfa Romeo GTV 6 isn’t one of them. Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and sacrifice practicality in favor of teenage fantasy.

Alfa Romeo GTV 6: Is It Worth The Hassle?


The Alfa Romeo GTV 6 is a deceptive car and you’d be forgiven for thinking that it is a good little runner that will go the distance. It looks just like any other saloon and most of them are known for being robust cars, but not this one. The GTV 6 was built in 1976 and was a departure from the hugely successful Guilia that Alfa Romeo had released a few years before.

In the early days, the GTV 6 was pretty well put together so if you manage to find yourself an original then you shouldn’t have as many problems with it, although rusting is an issue with all models. If you get a later one, book an MOT because it’s not likely to be roadworthy yet. They are still pretty hard to come by because most of them have corroded over the years and if you do manage to pick one up, expect to do a lot of refurbishment on it before it’s ready to drive. You should also be aware that the build quality is pretty poor on most GTV 6’s so breakdowns are fairly common. They aren’t that common anymore so getting hold of parts might set you back a fair bit and when things start packing up on a regular basis then those costs could really start to add up.

You might also run into some pretty hefty insurance premiums because these cars are known for their unreliability. When you add that on top of all the refurbishment and maintenance costs, it’s going to end up being a pretty expensive drive. So, why would you want to buy one in the first place?

The upgraded fuel injection that Alfa Romeo put in the GTV 6 gave it a great power boost and the 2.0-litre engine under the bonnet has a fierce growl. It also handles like a dream compared to your average saloon car. While it might not be practical in terms of reliability, it has a decent amount of space compared to a lot of other cars. That makes it a good middle ground for anybody that wants to live out some teenage fantasies with a car that’s still compatible with adult life. If you are going to invest in an Alfa Romeo GTV 6 then maybe think about having it as a second car. Every time you take it out you risk getting stuck at the side of the highway somewhere in the likely event of a breakdown. If you put all your eggs in that one basket, you’ll probably find yourself in trouble, but it’s definitely worth getting one if you want something fun to drive on occasion.

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