All You Need To Know About The New Toyota Auris

Earlier this year Toyota release their brand new Auris. For the last couple of years, Toyota has been named the most popular car manufacturer in the world. When you have this title, people are eager to see what you can produce. So, I took a look at the Auris and gave it a little review. Here’s what I found out:

Toyota Auris Specifications & Features

Toyota Auris 2.0

Toyota Auris 2.0

Engine Performance

With a car like the Auris, you’re not going to expect incredible performance stats. There’s no point even looking at how quick it makes it from 0-60mph. This isn’t the type of car you’re going to go speeding around in. It’s a car that’s designed for cruising around and making easy journeys. You can choose between two different engines with the new Toyota Auris. There’s a standard diesel engine or a petrol-electric hybrid. Unsurprisingly, the diesel is quicker, but the hybrid engine is hardly noticeably slow. If you want to do your bit for the environment, I’d go for the hybrid.

Driving Experience

The Auris offers you a bog standard driving experience. You aren’t going to be blown away by anything it does. You get what you pay for. If you’re buying this car, you’re probably looking for a car that handles well and is easy to drive. And, you’re going to get just that. It’s not the greatest in its class, far from it. But, it does the job, and you won’t find much to complain about. It’s ideal for a family car or just something to drive on the way to work every morning. Zero fuss and not hard to drive at all.


Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid

Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid

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The interior is typically comfortable for a car of this type. There’s plenty of legroom in the front and back of the vehicle. You’ll find it easy to fit four people in the car, with everyone feeling comfortable. Also, you get decent room in the boot, making this a great idea for a family car. But, it’s not the biggest, when compared to its rivals.

The New Toyota Auris Price

Obviously, the price is an important factor when it comes to a car. A brand new Auris can cost you anywhere between just under £15,000 to just over £22,000. Of course, it depends on what specs you choose for it. If you want the hybrid model, you’ll be looking at paying closer to that higher end of the scale. You may also be able to get a better deal if you head to a Toyota Dealer, as opposed to buying straight from the Toyota website. When you take a look at the cost, it’s very much affordable. It fits in line with some of the other cars in this category, you won’t be overpaying for this car, don’t worry!


To conclude, the new Toyota Auris is what I like to call a ‘safe bet’. It’s a car that’s very affordable and does everything you need a car to do. Ideal for families looking for their first car, or someone that makes a lot of journeys every week. Plus, if you get the hybrid option, you’re getting a car that will save you plenty of money on fuel costs.


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