Appreciate Rather Than Depreciate: Retaining Your Car’s Value

Appreciate Rather Than Depreciate: Retaining Your Car's Value

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If you’re a car owner, you know the importance of trying to retain as much value as you can in your vehicle. Hopefully, you purchased a car that was well looked after, had a sound maintenance record, looked good on the inside and had no mechanical faults. It’s up to you to ensure that you can continue the trend. By showing your car the appreciation it deserves, you can halt the depreciation that is thrust upon many of the used cars we see on the market today.



It’s vital that you maintain a regular service history. Don’t be tempted to skip a service because you think the vehicle is running ok. It’s important that you head to your local auto repair center and have the car serviced annually. By doing this, you are showing any prospective new owner that the motor you’ve had in your possession has been cared for rather than simply driven around. Keep a record of the service stamps and receipts for any work you have done on the car. From an air filter change to a new exhaust, it’s a good idea to have evidence for the new parts.


Inside The Car

If you are a smoker, it’s imperative that you don’t light up in your vehicle. Smoke can embed into the upholstery of your car and will be a huge put off for the majority of potential buyers coming to look at your car. Don’t even be tempted to smoke with the window down halfway. The odor is pungent, and no amount of deodorizer will mask the fact that a smoker has owned the vehicle.


If you have any unfortunate spillages in your vehicle, make sure you clean them up immediately. If you don’t, a stain will set in, and it can cost a small fortune to get an expert out to make it as good as new again. This is especially true for milk as the sour smell can linger and make your car an unpleasant place to be.



Although the wheels of your vehicle might not be the obvious place to look when we consider the depreciation of a car, the tires you choose tell a lot about a driver. If you select a budget brand, you give the impression that your set of wheels is nothing more than a workhorse to get you from A to B. However choose a set of Goodyear or Michelins, and the person coming to test drive your vehicle will appreciate the extra expense.


If you are lucky enough to have a top quality set of alloys, ensure you keep them free of scuffs and dinks. Any that do appear need rectifying to maintain the look of your car as they can be expensive to replace.



Although it sounds simple, you must keep an eye on the liquid levels of your car. Oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid and radiator water all need to be maintained. Without enough of one, you could find yourself having to fall back on your savings to buy a new part. The worst case scenario is that a lack of oil causes the engine to seize up and fail, resulting in a marked depreciation in your car’s value.

Ensure your car is well maintained, looked after and cared for and you will be retaining as much value in your motor as possible.

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