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Is Buying A Car Worth It?

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If you’re a first time driver, then there’s going to be a lot of money costs you need to consider before buying your first car. Sometimes you’ll get a helping hand with them, sometimes you’ll do it alone; there’s no escaping the amount of investment you have to put into owning a vehicle. Here’s a […]

Winter Is Coming: Get a Car That Will Survive It

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Winter is coming for some, and winter is far away for others. But, no matter how close you are to cold mornings and dark evenings, it’s never too early to get your life winter ready. More to the point, it’s never too early to get your car, or get a car that is, winter ready. […]

Upgrades and Aftermarket Additions To Make Your Old Car Safer On The Roads

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Given the opportunity and if money wasn’t an issue, most of us would choose a new car over an older one. They’re smooth to drive, reliable and are up to date with all the latest tech and safety features. But a new car isn’t possible for most of us, and buying second hand (in many […]

Top 7 Value Cars For Families

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Image Choosing a car can be very difficult, almost like taking a kid into a sweet shop with a handful of pocket money. There are fast cars, sporty cars, big cars and cute nippy cars. Family cars often get much more wear and tear than others, garnering much more time spent in the garage. But […]

Ford V.Volkswagen: Which One Takes The Crown?

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There are many popular car manufacturers out there today. Two of the most notable of those car manufacturers, are Ford and Volkswagen. One thing you’ll notice about these two manufacturers, is that they have very loyal fans. Choosing which side you’re on is important if you’re going to select a car model that’s right for […]

What Is Driving The Boom In Motorcycle Sales?

Posted on in Bikes | 0 comments   Motorcycles have always been popular, with hundreds of thousands sold around the world every year. With the coming auto revolution, many people expect this to change. And, indeed it has, but not in the way most would expect. Since 2015, there has been a 3% rise in the sales of motorbikes, with BMW […]

Non-Complacent Auto Replacement

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Living without a car is almost impossible in the modern world. With people using this sort of tool to get to work, take their kids to school, and to complete a lot of their other important tasks, this sort of resource is very important to most people. This makes any time without your car very […]

What Is The Future Looking Like For The Auto Industry?

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What Is The Future Looking Like For The Auto Industry?

Picture Source These are strange times and they’re looking to get stranger. We’re facing a changing tide in the world; not just in any single location but across the entire planet. That changing tide is going to have a massive effect on the future of cars. In fact, there have already been huge changes to […]