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Is America’s Truck Driver Shortage Affecting Our Safety on the Road?

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America's Truck Driver

There are not enough truck drivers in the United States. Estimates in 2018 suggested more 60, 000 more drivers were needed and this number could triple by 2026. Some truck drivers have retired while others have moved on to jobs that are safer, less demanding or more lucrative. At the same time, more goods need […]

How Hard Is It To Set Up A Car Business?

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How Hard Is It To Set Up A Car Business?

There’s a certain lure that the car industry gives you. If you were to become a sales rep for a company, you would earn your own salary plus a lot of commission, and it just lures you in. If you’re a car enthusiast, the thought of being able to work in a garage and tinker […]

Looking To Become A Motorcyclist? Things To Know

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Looking To Become A Motorcyclist

Becoming a biker is an incredibly freeing experience, but it’s important that you do your research before you hit the road. You might have had the necessary training to get qualified and actually own your own motorcycle, but you need to be cautious before you head out on the road with other drivers. These are […]

The More You Know – The Complete Process of How to Ship a Car Anywhere

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If you’ve got a vehicle that you want to get overseas, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at a number of different issues associated with shipping your car to another location with the right shipping company. Transporting a car can be time-consuming and stressful, but it might be worth […]

A Pickup Truck: The Ideal Choice If You’re Bored Of A Standard Vehicle (And Why They’re Better Than A Car)

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Pexels   Most of us, in order to combat the continuous rising costs of vehicles, opt for a small car. But, this doesn’t make you feel like a king of the road, or even a prince for that matter! So if you’re looking for some form of compromise between a small vehicle and those mammoth […]

Where Should Your Auto Budget Go?

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Where Should Your Auto Budget Go?   When it comes to having a car, you’ll always know that there’s an expense to go along with it. And the size of that expense is going to vary. For some people, running a car can cost next to nothing at all. But then for others, the amount that they allocate to their […]

Want Better Performance? Check Out These Easy Car Upgrades

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Want Better Performance? Check Out These Easy Car Upgrades

Holding onto an old car that you love is okay, but holding onto an old car that’s falling apart and you don’t use? That’s not quite as okay. While it’s nice to upgrade your car to something faster and better performing, the vintage car that you’ve got sitting in your garage could use a little […]

The most exciting parts of northern England for petrolheads

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England is quite the place for car enthusiasts to live, with no shortage of exciting motorsport events and a rich history of driving, racing and engineering. From race meetings to classic, luxury and muscle-car events, you don’t have to look or travel far to find stimulating events, like-minded people and incredible engines. But what about […]