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What Keeps You Safe On The Road and Why You Should Maintain Them

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No matter if you are driving a vintage car or a new model, it is important that you invest in the maintenance of your vehicle, so it can keep you safe on the road. There are loads of things you would automatically keep on top of, while there are a couple of things that are […]

Deals On Wheels

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How Hard Is It To Set Up A Car Business?

As soon as you step on to that showroom forecourt you may as well have a target around your neck. If that’s how you feel about buying from a car dealership, then you need our guide to avoid being ripped off and taken in by the hard sell. Image courtesy of Pixabay Prepare for battle […]

Four Crucial Steps in Preparing Windows for Tinting

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Professional Window Tinting: Steps for Window Preparation

There are many reasons for getting a car window tinting. The tinting film blocks out UV and, by extension, reduces the risk of fading of your car’s interiors. This also protects your skin from the damaging effects of sunlight, including wrinkling, discoloration, age spots, and skin cancer. Moreover, car window tinting blocks out heat and […]

Regular Check-Ups Your Vehicle Needs

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Pexels Image Source: Photo of someone checking under the bonnet of their car Your vehicle is something you need to ensure you take extra special care of because it’s what transports you from A to B with ease. It gives your life so much more freedom because you have the power to take yourself wherever […]

Why Rideshare Insurers Need Telematics

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Surprising Ways Your Driving Could Be Safer

It’s unlikely that ridesharing services will disappear any time soon. In fact, most experts in the transportation field are bracing for a sharing revolution, as city dwellers around the world perform a mass exodus from private vehicle ownership and engage instead in more economical and convenient car- and ridesharing. Yet, for this upheaval to take […]

Is America’s Truck Driver Shortage Affecting Our Safety on the Road?

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America's Truck Driver

There are not enough truck drivers in the United States. Estimates in 2018 suggested more 60, 000 more drivers were needed and this number could triple by 2026. Some truck drivers have retired while others have moved on to jobs that are safer, less demanding or more lucrative. At the same time, more goods need […]

How Hard Is It To Set Up A Car Business?

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How Hard Is It To Set Up A Car Business?

There’s a certain lure that the car industry gives you. If you were to become a sales rep for a company, you would earn your own salary plus a lot of commission, and it just lures you in. If you’re a car enthusiast, the thought of being able to work in a garage and tinker […]

Looking To Become A Motorcyclist? Things To Know

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Looking To Become A Motorcyclist

Becoming a biker is an incredibly freeing experience, but it’s important that you do your research before you hit the road. You might have had the necessary training to get qualified and actually own your own motorcycle, but you need to be cautious before you head out on the road with other drivers. These are […]