Big Reasons to Get a Small Car

When we’re young many of us daydream of driving. We see ourselves cruising around in sports cars or big flashy vehicles that everyone would envy. We rarely imagined ourselves driving around in a small family car or a city cruiser. But, nor did we daydream of traffic jams, long commutes, city pollution, the cost of gas or the cost of the car itself. In reality, there are some big advantages to getting a little car. Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons that you should consider a smaller car.

Big Reasons to Get a Small Car




One of the main reasons people shop for a big car is that they need more space. They might have kids or pets, and they think that they need a big car to fit everyone in comfortably with space for luggage. But, this is no longer the case. Small cars are now much bigger than they used to be. The cabin is usually fairly roomy with plenty of trunk space in the rear. A modern small car is certainly big enough for an average family.



Big cars are getting more expensive, and small cars are getting cheaper. Small cars appeal to those that want a good car, that’s affordable and excellent value for money. They are also more efficient when it comes to fuel, with excellent mileage to the gallon, much cheaper to look after and repairs and replacement parts are often much more affordable.



Big Reasons to Get a Small Car



One of the most obvious benefits of a small car is parking it. You’ll need much less space, both at home and when you are out and about, and you’ll find it much easier to squeeze into smaller spaces. If you drove a large car, you might spend time driving passed all these neatly parked small cars in search of a space large enough for your own.


This is ideal for nervy drivers, those with children to get out of the sides or prams to manoeuvre out of the trunk and also those that live in a newer home which often has less garage space or just roadside parking.



Small cars used to have a novelty feel. They were fun and quirky, but that was it. They weren’t cars for serious people or professionals. Drivers often grew out of their small car both in terms of space and size and appearance. They wanted something bigger and smarter.


This is no longer the case. As smaller cars have gotten bigger, they’ve also started to appeal to a wider range of people. They are no longer novelty and quirky. Sure, they can be. Small cars are available with plenty of added extras, and in a range of colors, so they still appeal to those that want something fun. But, they can also look smart, trendy and professional.



Smaller cars can be safer. While all modern cars come complete with safety features and additions, some are better than others. Smaller cars are often safer simply because there is less of them.



Reasons to Get a Small Car



Smaller cars being more efficient isn’t just good for your fuel costs. It’s also good for the planet. Choosing a more fuel-efficient car could save you up to $1000 a year in fuel costs, as well as lower tax costs. But, using less gas also means that less co2 is burnt and less nonrenewable oil is used.



Because smaller cars are cheaper, easier to maintain, less likely to be involved in an accident and often driven by older and more responsible drivers, the insurance premiums can be significantly lower than those of a larger car, even with the same driver and driving history.



Reasons to Get Small Car



Smaller cars can have much better handling and be a lot easier to control. Drivers can find that they have a greater turning circle and that they feel more in control. Smaller cars often have smaller engines but take corners sharply and accelerate quickly. This can make them easier and more fun to drive while giving the driver much greater control.


Added Extras

Modern cars have countless options when it comes to extras. You can get them with plenty of luxuries, mod-cons and added tech. In a large car, this can lead to a somewhat ridiculous expense. If you want all of the gadgets and technology without such a hefty price tag, the start will a basic, smaller and more affordable car.


A smaller car has many, many benefits and you certainly don’t have to compromise on style, safety, power, efficiency or handing, even with a significantly smaller price tag.

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