Is Buying A Car Worth It?

If you’re a first time driver, then there’s going to be a lot of money costs you need to consider before buying your first car. Sometimes you’ll get a helping hand with them, sometimes you’ll do it alone; there’s no escaping the amount of investment you have to put into owning a vehicle. Here’s a few necessary things to ponder over before you go ahead in your car schemes.

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You’ll Usually Run On A Budget

If you’re buying a car, then you’ll need to adhere to your finances and stick to a budget. Check out a guide on for help with this. This often means you won’t get the car of your dreams, but it does mean you can work your way up there. Can you afford the running costs of a car if you invest in one now? If not, it’s time to reconsider make and model and the timing.

Getting from A to B is important in such a time scheduled world, so it shouldn’t really matter what wheels you do it on. Most people won’t be able to own their car outright as a first time buyer, especially if they’re a student with no aid. Yet, some affordable models that still look good include Hyundais and Nissans, so keep an eye out for those at your local dealership or online.


You’ll Have To Fork Out For Insurance

Insurance can be very expensive to buy and maintain, and there’s lots of variables involved that can put this price up. As a first time driver, you need to be extra careful with how you behave on the road because of adjustable rates and lost premiums.

However, some money saving efforts do exist out there for you. Look up sites such as to find the deals you need at prices you are more likely to be able to afford in a money lacking situation.


Breakdowns And Fixups Can Really Add Up

If your car needs a repair, there can be a small fortune to pay out for. No matter what part of the car it is, you’re most likely going to have to spend to fix it. Not everyone has those ingrained mechanic skills you see on TV and film, and learning them takes a little longer than people would like to admit. Of course practice is necessary, but a lot of the time we don’t have the commitment to it. If you can’t afford a breakdown to affect your life then it could be safer to stay off of the road.

Yet there are also ways around this. Keep to all highway codes and road regulations, and only use a car when absolutely necessary. You don’t want to lose a wing mirror taking the five minute trip to the convenience store after all.

So sometimes buying a car won’t be worth it, despite all the pros involved that often outweigh the cons. Public transport is always going to be there for your use.

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