The Car Owner’s Bible: How To Retain Value

All car owners should try to ensure their vehicles retain as much value as possible. That is because you never know when you’ll want to sell or part-exchange the automobile. With that in mind, some excellent tips and tricks on this page should point you in the right direction. Just put them into action this summer, and you will ensure the value of your car doesn’t depreciate faster than it should. Don’t worry if you aren’t mechanically minded as none of the actions mentioned on this page require expertise. In most instances, you’ll just have to invest in a manual for your vehicle. Failure to follow the advice in this article could mean your car becomes worthless. So, make sure you take this issue seriously and put some time aside to perform essential maintenance.


Check the oil once each week

Firstly, it’s vital that you get in the habit of checking your oil levels at least once each week. You need to do that because the engine won’t function if you don’t have sufficient amounts. That could lead to breakdowns or worse if you’re not careful. If you’ve never checked the oil before, you just need to take a look at your manual. That book should tell you where the tank is located, and how much oil you need to put inside. In most instances, you just need to remove the dipstick to assess if you need to add some extra oil. You should find a marker on the stick that shows the required level of the liquid. If the oil doesn’t reach that tag, you will need to add some more. However, it’s important to note there are different types of oil available. So, ensure you get the right one for your model.


Replenish all engine liquids

There are other fluids in your engine that you might have to replace from time to time. That includes wiper fluid and brake fluid. The former is important because you need it to ensure you can see clearly out of your windows. If you have an accident, you’re certain to decrease the value of your vehicle. So, make sure you fill that up every time it’s required. The latter is critical because it helps to ensure your brakes work properly. Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why a lack of brake fluid could cause problems. So, use some common sense, refer to your manual, and make sure your car isn’t running on empty. If you can’t find information about any of these tasks in your manual, there are plenty of informative articles online. You could even use instructional YouTube videos to ensure you get it right.


Keep the car clean and free from dirt

Washing your car is vital because it helps to remove any buildup of dirt from your paintwork. That dirty can turn to rust pretty fast if you leave it unattended. It could also damage the paint on your panels or cause it to fade. You don’t want that to happen if you’re trying to retain the value of your vehicle. So, do yourself a favor and get in the habit of visiting your local garage once every two weeks. Car washes are often cheap, and it doesn’t take long to get the desired results. If you don’t want to do that, you should consider using a Karcher pressure washer or something similar. There are lots of different tools you can purchase for pressure washing your car at home. Of course, you could also use them for cleaning the slabs in your garden and other jobs. So, a device of that nature is probably a sensible investment.



Never let the vehicle run out of fuel

All car owners need to ensure they pay close attention to their fuel gauges. That is because it’s possible to cause significant engine damage if you don’t. The last thing any driver wants to do is let their vehicle run out of gas. You might get stranded in the middle of nowhere, but the potential outcomes are much worse. For example, it’s possible for many of the parts in your engine to stop working. If that happens, you could have an expensive repair job on your hands. People who continue to attempt to start their engines without fuel might even ruin their vehicles. There are many stories about drivers doing that and then having to pay for an entirely new engine. You want to avoid doing that at all costs. It never makes financial sense to spend that amount of cash on your car. However, selling the automobile without fixing it would mean you lose just as much money.  


The Car Owner's Bible: How To Retain Value


Pay for professional internal valeting

You need to think about the interior of your vehicle as well as the exterior. For that reason, it’s sensible to pay for professional valeting at least once each month. Most people manage to create a lot of mess in their cars during a thirty-day period. If they have children, they might have lots of stains on the seat material. That is never going to help you sell the car for a reasonable amount. So, you just need to search for a local business that offers the service. While you probably shouldn’t opt for the cheapest quotes, you can use the internet to ensure you get a decent deal. At the end of the day, drivers in the US should expect to pay anything between $50 to $2000. Obviously, that depends on the quality of the service.


If you employ all the ideas mentioned on this page, your car should hold its value much longer than it otherwise would have done. Remember that if you plan to purchase a new vehicle this summer. You don’t have to commit a lot of time of effort to the actions mentioned on this page. So, there is no excuse for letting your car become worthless through a lack of care. Use some common sense, and use this article as your checklist. Alongside the tips already mentioned, you also need to ensure the vehicle goes for regular servicing by professionals.

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