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Datsun mi-DO going to launch in Russia

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Datsun mi-DO Hatchback Car, features, price, specification

Datsun Company is going to launch their brand new hatchback car in Russia next year, named Datsun mi-DO. Company also launched this car at Moscow Motor Show 2014 in August. According to the company, this car is going to be the best hatchback car ever. Datsun mi-DO has bold, distinctive and robust styling look which […]

Datsun Go Plus Launch Date, Features, Specification and Price

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Datsun Go Plus

In the last article we discus about the Datsun Redi Go car. Nissan Launch different version of Go series car in 2014-15 two other version of Go series going to launch upcoming months like Datsun Go and Datsun Redi Go. And they also going to launch their new car Datsun Go Plus. Company launches these three […]

Datsun Redi Go 2015 Price, Features and Specification

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Datsun Redi Go 2015

Datsun AutoMotors Company going to launch their hatch back car in 2015, named Datsun Redi Go. They also launch this car in auto expo fair. They launch two same segment cars before this, which are Datsun Go and Datsun Go+. This is a B segment hatchback car. This car is the new car in the […]