The More You Know – The Complete Process of How to Ship a Car Anywhere

If you’ve got a vehicle that you want to get overseas, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at a number of different issues associated with shipping your car to another location with the right shipping company. Transporting a car can be time-consuming and stressful, but it might be worth it if you’re moving permanently and want to keep your specific vehicle. If that’s the case, let’s have a look at some of the species that you’ll need to follow when trying to transport your car:

  1. Check other ways to transport your car

As international shipping can be expensive and time-consuming, you might want to check other alternatives. Shipping a car is a great option for someone who really wants to keep their same vehicle when moving abroad or for a rare car that’s in huge demand in another country. However, there still might be a better option available to you.


Firstly, are you sure you can’t drive the car somewhere? While shipping might be the most direct route, if there’s still a land link to where you want to get to – it could be a good option. However, the reality of driving your own vehicle can still be very costly and time-consuming, especially when you include fuel costs. That’s why shipping can sometimes be the best option even when driving is possible.


If you’re shipping your vehicle from California to Alaska, you might consider driving instead. However, by driving, you’re going to have to get there yourself, pay for fuel and accommodation along with many other costs. Even though shipping it might be expensive and it could take a few weeks, at least you can carry on working or taking care of your life without actually having to make the long trip yourself. That’s why shipping is often the best option.


  1. Find out how hard it is to license your car for use in your new location

When your car arrives in its new location, you’re going to need to license it for use. This could be problematic if you haven’t planned carefully. You don’t want your car to be off-road once it gets there, so gets any paperwork sorted well in advance.


  1. Check any insurance issues

You’ll need to check your insurance for a few different things before shipping your car. Firstly, are you insured to actually place your car in container ships? While this is normally far safer than actually driving your car thousands of miles, it might still need a specialist allowance from your insurer. Secondly, you’ll need to be allowed to drive in your new location, and if this is abroad – it might have a number of insurance implications.

If you’re unsure, simply phone up your insurer and double check everything.


  1. Speak to multiple shipping companies

Don’t simply sign up to the first shipping company you speak to, You’ll want to get a better feel for exactly when they’re travelling along with all the costs that are associated with shipping your car. You could try both specialist car shipment companies as well as more general logistics firms who still take cars. Depending on your location and a few other things, one could be cheaper than the other.


  1. Ask for competitive quotes and compare costs

Again, make sure you’re proactive in comparing the costs of different shipment companies. Ask for competitive quotes and be ready to walk away. Some shipment firms have a bit of leeway when trying to get new customers, although this can depend on how close to transit time you are and how full their manifest already is. Some of the best car transport services will be willing to take care of this for you.


  1. Do research online

As well as phoning around, you can also do some more research online. You might be able to find foreign shipping firms who operate on the same route, or you could also find an alternative route that’s more cost effective. If you only have to drive a couple of hours to a slightly busier port – that could be the best option.


  1. Plan the best shipping route

Draw on all your research to come up with the best possible route for your vehicle. As we already touched on, this could include a bit of additional driving to find the absolute best shipping cost. Try all the ports you can find.


  1. Calculate all the costs

Don’t just look at the actual shipping costs, but work out what it’s going to take to get to and from the port and if there are any storage costs at either end.


  1. Compare the costs to other alternatives

Look at the possibility of hiring someone to drive your car if there’s a land connection, or doing it yourself. Weight this up with the shipping costs.


  1. Make sure the car is empty

You don’t want to leave an important item in your car while it’s being shipped. Make sure you’ve cleaned out your vehicle before you hand it over.


  1. Get the car to the shipping company in good time

Don’t be in a rush to get your car on the ship as this can be a busy time. Get there early enough and make sure everything is secure before you hand it over.


  1. Make sure you’ve got transport while the car is being shipped

If you’re going to be without your car for a few weeks, it makes sense to have other transport options lined up.


  1. Make sure the car will have someone to collect it at the other end

Work out how your car is going to be delivered, and make sure someone is there to pick it up.


  1. Sort out storage for before or after the shipment

If you aren’t going to be using your car straight away, you might want to arrange storage for it. This could be difficult to find in some locations, although many shipment companies could have options for you.

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