Counting Down The Safest Cars In The World

When it comes to choosing the right car, nothing is more important than safety. This is particularly true if you have children. Their wellbeing is your number one priority. Roads are dangerous places and you can’t ever predict what’s around the corner. What you can do, however, is arm yourself with the best possible vehicle to protect you. We’ve rounded up the safest cars in the world according to their Euro NCAP safety rating. This is the independent safety rating system that all cars must go through. Let’s count down the full list.

Safest Cars In The World

6. Volkswagen Passat – The Passat is the plucky saloon car that is making its name amongst the big boys. In its class, the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes have dominated. The most recent iterations have increased its stock, not least because of its safety rating. It ranks higher than any BMW or Audi and outperforms them in numerous other ways too.

5. Subaru Outback Estate – Subaru are synonymous with strength and dependability. The Japanese attention to detail has extended to its safety credentials with the Outback Estate. It’s a fine off road power vehicle, yet it also works hard to protect child passengers. The car scored 87% for its child protection with sophisticated side impact protection.

4. Nissan Qashqai – It’s no surprise that SUVs and 4x4s feature heavily in this list. They are strong, well built machines, great for families. By their very nature, they are large, weighty and robust. The Nissan Qashqai is one of the best in class. It is generally considered one of the best all round SUVs out there. Its impressive adult safety score of 88% only strengthens this reputation.

3. Mercedes C Class – Mercedes have always taken every precaution with their cars. Alongside the C Class, the GLA Class also scored very highly. Mercedes are unique in that they have developed a clever driver drowsiness detection system. It will alert drivers during a lapse in concentration and help them avoid collisions.

2. Land Rover Discovery Sport – For years, drivers have chosen Land Rover for their safety. These are tough, robust and strong cars that are built to withstand bumps and knocks. It is no surprise to find them in the second spot. The Discovery Sport is top of the class, but any of the range at Hunters Land Rover will perform well. The Discovery Sport features an ingenious automatic braking system. This helped it score highly in the ‘driver assist’ category.

1. Volvo V40 – It’s no surprise to see Volvo at the top of the list. What is surprising is that the winner is a hatchback. The smaller vehicles are generally perceived as less safe than their larger counterparts. And this is usually true. The V40, however, is an entirely different beast. It reached an unprecedented 100% in the driver assist category and a 98% score for adult protection.

When it comes to safety, size still matters. Big, robust cars will fend of collisions and knocks better than others. But don’t discount the smaller cars either. Volvo are leading the way in small car safety and coming out on top. Stay safe!

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