Datsun Go Plus Launch Date, Features, Specification and Price

In the last article we discus about the Datsun Redi Go car. Nissan Launch different version of Go series car in 2014-15 two other version of Go series going to launch upcoming months like Datsun Go and Datsun Redi Go. And they also going to launch their new car Datsun Go Plus.

Datsun Go Plus

Front View of Datsun Go Plus

Company launches these three cars in different segments. This is a small MPV car. This car is launch in Indonesia and available in Indonesia’s showroom. There is change in the interior and exterior of the car.

Intrior of Datsun Go Plus

Dashboard of Datsun Go Plus

Some new features and specification is added in this car to make it different from other same series car. Here we are going to discuss the features, price and specification of Datsun Go Plus in details.

Launch Date

Launch date of the car is not decide yet, but expected launch date of the car is September 2014. This is not fix launch date it can be change in the future.


This car is powered by 1.2 liter, three cylinder petrol engines which give the maximum power of 67 bhp and maximum torque of 104 Nm. This is also available in 1.5 liter Diesel engine also. Five speed manual gearboxes transmission is used in it.

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Full features of the car is not revel yet and but we have some info about the features of this car which is given below.

  • Alloy wheels
  • Disc brakes
  • LED lights are used
  • Taller and fatter wheels
  • Sleek headlights
  • Piece mesh grill
  • Visible towing hooks
  • Tail lamp assembly
  • Change in interior and exterior of car as compare to Datsun Go
Exterior of Datsun Go Plus

Rear internal View of Datsun Go Plus


Color details of the car in not available yet, details about the colors of car is unveiled at the time of launch of this car.

Price of Datsun Go Plus

Price of Datsun Go Plus is not fix yet, but expected price of the car is Rs. 5.70 to 7.50 Lakhs. At the time of launch we will update you full features and specification of this car, so stay connected with us.

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