Electric vs Hybrid Cars: Which Is Better?

Electric cars are getting most of the headlines, but let’s not forget there are hybrid cars out there too. A hybrid is basically something that combines elements of two different things. In the car world, it tends to be a vehicle that uses both a regular engine and an electric motor. They’re much more eco-friendly than regular cars, but don’t have the zero emissions that come with electric ones.


But, this begs the question; are electric cars better than hybrids? To figure this out, let’s compare the two by looking at a few main things.

Electric vs Hybrid Cars: Which Is Better?

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Which car is easier to buy?

This is a tricky question to answer as it depends on how much money you have to spend, and the type of car you want. If you only need a very small car for short journeys around a city, then electric vehicles are probably easier to buy as there are loads of this variety out there. However, if you looked at all the used cars for sale on the market, you’d probably see more hybrids than electric vehicles. The used car market is obviously still dominated by petrol cars, but you’re more likely going to find a decent hybrid than an electric. So, I think I’ll give the edge to hybrids here.

Which is cheaper to run?

Hybrid cars are definitely cheaper than traditional cars, but how do electric ones fare? In all honesty, it’s hard to argue against the little battery powered vehicles here. They’re already cheaper to run than traditional cars, and I think they’re cheaper than hybrids too. There are fewer issues to worry about without an engine too – it means fewer parts, so fewer things can go wrong.

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Which is best to drive?

Again, this depends a lot on the vehicle you’re buying. However, we can say there’s one main drawback when it comes to driving electric cars; the battery. Batteries will only let you go a certain distance before they need charging, and there’s always the worry you won’t find a place to plug yours into. With hybrid cars, you can use the petrol engine if the battery runs out, so this isn’t an issue. Arguably, you could say this makes them better to drive as you have less to worry about.

Which is better for the environment?

Electric cars produce no carbon emissions but they do require electricity to fuel them, and this could have an impact on the environment. You need to build charging stations and power them somehow. However, there’s no denying that having no emissions is highly beneficial for the environment. The way I see it if everyone drove electric cars the earth would be in a better state than if everyone drove hybrid ones. So, I give this one to electric cars.


What we can learn from this debate is that they’re both great cars for different people. If you don’t go on long car journeys every day, then electric cars are definitely the better option for you. But, if you’re always traveling far –  or live somewhere without any electric charging stations nearby – then a hybrid is perhaps more convenient for you.

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