Expert Advice: 10 Reasons A Volvo Makes The Best Car

Volvos are famous for two things: being one of the safest vehicles the world has ever seen and for their boxy shape. One of these still applies today – Volvos are still seen as being one of the safest vehicles in the world, but the upside is that they are no longer boxy, or as boxy as they used to be. Volvos were the superpower of the late 1940s, and it’s easy to see why. Today, Volvo’s vehicles are still seen as being a cut above the rest, and with 90 years experience designing them, it’s no wonder.

Often, Volvos are taken for granted and aren’t appreciated as they should be, as they’re not always seen as being a ‘cool’ car to drive. However, you can’t escape the fact that Volvos have a lot to offer any driver, and the newer models are much smarter and sleeker than the designs that have graced the roads in times past. Gone are the boxy designs of the 80s and 90s, like the Volvo 240, or the ‘turbo brick’ as it was also known – this was the car to beat all others in terms of boxiness. Today’s Volvos are much sleeker and smarter, which is why their stock has risen and Volvos are once again cool cars to drive.

To help you appreciate Volvos for just how great they are, below is a guide to ten reasons a Volvo makes the best car according to the experts. Unsure about whether to purchase a Volvo? Then read on, for all the reasons why you should take the leap and join that tens of thousands of Volvo drivers across the world.

10 Reasons A Volvo Makes The Best Car

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  1. They are incredibly safe

Volvos are famous for being incredibly safe cars to drive. The company is behind some of the world’s safest cars and always takes vehicle safety seriously. In 1959, it was Volvo that spearheaded the three-point seatbelt system, revolutionizing vehicle safety. In 1972, Volvo then invented the seatbelt reminder that uses an audio or visual reminder to make the driver aware that they or one of their passengers aren’t wearing their seatbelt. Then, in 1991, it was Volvo that created the side impact system, which was implemented in their 700, 850, and 900 series cars, and has been part of the design of every Volvo since. The idea behind this concept is that in a side collision, the energy from the hit will be distributed evenly across the car, reducing damage to the side of the vehicle and anyone sat in the backseat. So yes, when it comes to safety, Volvo are keen to ensure that each of their vehicles is as safe as possible.

  1. A fantastic design

Because Volvo has a reputation as a company that creates boxy cars, a lot of drivers aren’t keen to invest in a Volvo. However, the boxy designs of the past are long gone – Volvo’s modern design are smart and sleek, they’re not boxy in the slightest. The current range of models that Volvo offer includes SUVs, crossovers, saloons, and estates – none of which have a  square design. The Volvos of today are sleek, smooth, and wonderfully stylish – they exude elegance and sophistication. Not only are Volvos family cars, but for many businesses, they are the company car of choice for their team members, because of how innovative their designs are, which says a lot about them.

  1. Volvo is the future

Volvo has spent billions revamping their model lineup, leading to them creating some of the most innovative vehicles in the world. Volvo’s range of cars are incredible; they’re well-designed, have technology integrated throughout them, and are constantly being improved and revamped. Today, most Volvo models boast pilot assist, which allows the driver to set the vehicle to drive automatically at a constant speed and at a certain distance from the car in front. They also feature Apple Play which can be used for music streaming from a device of the driver’s choice, as well as 360 degrees camera, to help make parking easier. Some vehicles also feature remote key operation, seat massagers, and a built in sat nav.

  1. A more efficient car

Recently, Volvo has developed its own range of eco-friendly, efficient engines. Known as ‘Drive-E’ engines, these innovative engines are not only smart in the way that fuel is saved by using them, making models containing these engines more efficient, but also in terms of how adaptable they are. In the future, these engines can be adapted to turn regular cars into hybrids, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly to run. Volvo has already made their dreams of being more efficient a reality, thanks to their V60 Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid, which offers low emissions and excellent fuel efficiency. In electric mode, this allows drivers to travel for 31 miles with no emissions given off.

Reasons A Volvo Makes The Best Car

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  1. Family-friendly

For years, Volvo has been known as the manufacturer of all the best family-friendly cars, and it’s easy to see why. Volvo is the company that created the rear-facing baby seat – one of the most important safety features for families with young children. Today, Volvo offers built-in booster seats with a range of their cars, making life easier for families. Of all Volvo’s current models, the XC60 is the best family car; it’s comfortable and roomy and has an array of safety features making it one of the safest cars on the market. For drivers with kids, this model is the best Volvo to go for.

  1. Fabulous interiors

Today’s Volvos are known for their cool, classy interiors. The interior design of all the newest models are wonderfully smart and stylish with a minimalist twist. The designs of Volvo’s interiors are incredible; they have a wonderfully innovative and modern vibe to them. Gone are the days of checked patterned seat covers, today’s Volvos are all about minimalism.

  1. Readily available parts

Because Volvo is one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers and are still producing cars, this means that when it comes to getting parts for older models, it’s much easier than with many other car brands. This means that when it comes to getting your Volvo repaired, there’s no need to panic about not being able to get your hands on the parts that you need, because as long as Volvo are manufacturing vehicles, you shouldn’t have a problem. Repairing your Volvo might seem like something that you will have to worry about in the future and not now, but if you are going to invest in a new car, it’s vital to ensure that it will stand the test of time and be easy to have repaired in the future as it ages.

  1. Smooth, powerful engines

If there’s one thing that Volvo is known for, it’s their vehicle’s smooth, powerful engines, or their modern vehicle’s smooth, powerful engines, that is. Whichever model you opt for, you will get a vehicle with a strong, smooth, and powerful engine that offers the kind of power that all the best European cars have become famous for. Volvo’s cars each have a five-cylinder engine and a six-speed automatic transmission, ensuring that they drive wonderfully smoothly and exhibit all the power you could possibly need.

  1. Built to last

Anyone who has ever owned a Volvo will know that they are built like tanks. They’re wonderfully strong and sturdy, which is what helps to make them as safe as they are. To increase the strength of their vehicles, in recent years Volvo has added a roll protection system, an emergency braking system, and a blind-spot information system. Aside from being safe cars to drive, Volvos are built to last thanks to the high-quality and innovative materials that are used to build them, along with their incredibly intricate and scientific designs that ensure each model is an improvement on the last.

  1. Easy to drive

Despite the size of some of Volvo’s models, such as the XC90 and the S90, they are notoriously easy to drive and maneuver. This is partially because of the fact that all of the newest models are built to be strong and sturdy, as well as light to drive. However, that’s not the only reason that Volvos tend to be easy to drive, it’s the features that are incorporated into each vehicle that is what makes them so enjoyable to drive. From the parking assist feature and the pilot assist feature – a more complex version of cruise control – to the built in sat nav that some models incorporate, it’s easy to see why Volvo’s newer models are so easy and enjoyable to drive, as well as why they are so popular.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Volvos can make an incredible vehicle choice, thanks to the fact that they have so much to offer in terms of style, features, and safety. From their innovative designs to their unique safety features, Volvos are a popular choice of vehicle for drivers with an array of different needs.

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