The Four-Wheeled Love Of Your Life Needs Beauty Treatment

You love your car. You love how it feels to drive but perhaps you love how it looks even more. Don’t just stand there and admire it, however. Even the sexiest sports car can turn into a frumpy, faded mess if it’s neglected. The car needs to have its beauty protected and cherished. Not only so you’ll stay happy with it, but so it will keep its value for a lot longer.

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Make care a habit

There are a lot of habits you can easily develop that make it a lot easier to clean the car. Rather than taking it for an expensive and exhaustive clean every now and then, set a schedule where each day has a little time spent making the car look as good as possible. Bigger jobs like cleaning the interior and waxing the car are better done on the weekend. Meanwhile, the weekdays can go to smaller tasks like applying leather conditioner to the seats or cleaning the car windows.

Don’t settle for sub-optimal finishes

Cars tend to look best directly after they’ve come out of a showroom or dealership. That’s because the dealers will take care to apply finishes that look great, even if they don’t last forever. Instead of spending all your time looking after the car’s existing finish, you can opt for one that lasts a much longer. Treatments like ceramic paint coatings last a lot longer than wax and other traditional coating methods. It’s a permanent form of protection that can ensure your car always looks like it just rolled out of the dealership.

Watch that sun

That said, there’s still plenty that can do damage to your car over time. Cleaning it often prevents things like rust from building up but the environment itself can be one of the biggest saboteurs when it comes to the car’s beauty. Too much direct sunlight is the biggest culprit of long-term luster loss in cars. It can cause oxidation, leading paint to fade. The kind of finish mentioned above and regular cleaning will stop that from happening. The interior can also fade and get bleached by sunlight over time, especially leather. Taking care to park out of the sun or getting reactive tinted windows can protect the interior.

Keeping it ding and dent free

Little accidents happen. Someone might bump into you in the middle of some heavy traffic and there’s little you can do except getting the dent treated as soon as possible so that any exposure doesn’t lead to future problems and being more aware of your surroundings to avoid them. However, while you’re parked, you can do a lot more to protect it from dings and dents. Tools like bumper protectors can absorb the brunt of the damage caused by most low-speed collisions involving parked cars. Just remember to take it off before you go out driving again or else it might ruin that aesthetic you love driving around with so much.

Take care of your car’s beauty or it will start to fade. All it takes is the occasional expense and a few good habits and you keep the love alive for a lot longer.

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