Getting Rid Of An Unwanted Car Without Hassle

Getting Rid Of An Unwanted Car Without Hassle

Buying a new car is fun, isn’t it? You get to head down to your local dealer and maybe take a few for a spin. Then, once you find your dream car, you can haggle on the price, getting extras thrown in. After that, you get to drive your new car away and have some fun out on the road. Of course, the other side of this is getting rid of your old vehicle. Not so much fun is it? In fact, getting rid of a car can often be hard work. Particularly, if you don’t have a vehicle that will make the easiest sale. So what are your options in this situation?


Ebay is great when selling a car because there’s no obligation to let the buyer have a look at it. If they want to buy a car off a website without seeing it, that’s their choice. All you need to do is make it clear that you’re not a car expert. You’re not a mechanic and you’re certainly not a car trader. You are simply selling your old car to a willing buyer. Provide the correct details of the latest MOT, with all the paperwork. Then, if there is an issue with the car, legally you’re covered. Most cars sell on ebay fast at ridiculously low prices.

On The Street

Or, you can just push your car out on to the street in front of your home. Put a “for sale” sign in the window with a clear number to call. You should get a nibble in a day or to and you can sell your car on to whoever wants it. Although we wouldn’t expect high offers. Generally speaking, people who do this know the car is almost completely worthless.

Donate It

If you want to do something good and you’d like to avoid the hassle of selling, donate your vehicle. Donating your vehicle is easy to arrange and it can go to whatever cause you like. War veterans who have served their country and have come home to find no job available can at least get a vehicle through car donation. If you are donating your car, make sure it’s road worthy. Get it up to date with an MOT otherwise, you’re essentially selling scrap.

Sell It For Scrap

Getting Rid Of An Unwanted Car Without Hassle
This should really be the last resort. If you think your car is going to be a difficult sell. Or worse, the reason you’re selling it is due to a write-off, you can sell it for scrap. Take it down to your local scrap yard and ask them how much they’d pay for it. Feel free to haggle on the price here because if you’re selling it, you want to a get a good sum of money. Don’t be fooled into being led to think the car is worthless either. It might not be road worthy anymore but we’d be there’s a lot of valuable gear under that hood. You should at least get just under a thousand for it. Bright sparks will know now that if your car is going to sell for less than a thousand, it’s probably best to scrap it. You’ll get more money.

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