Are You Guilty Of These Common Bad Driving Habits

Modern cars are fantastic machines, a wonder of innovation and technology. Unfortunately, most people inside the vehicles aren’t quite as masterful when it comes to controlling them. After you’ve passed your test it’s normal that you don’t continue to fully obey all the correct driving habits, but it’s amazing how quickly bad ones can slip in – and once they’re in, it’s usually pretty difficult to get rid of them. But we’ll stop them eventually – if not of our free will, then when we have a small accident and realise it was due to something you shouldn’t have been doing. Take a read below and make the change today!

common Bad Driving Habits


Faster, Faster, Faster

It’s understandable that you don’t want to spend any time longer on the road than necessary, especially if you’re trying to get home after a long day of work. However, speeding is not the answer. For a starters, it’s questionable whether it actually gets you places quicker than if you obey the speed limit anyway, especially in traffic light heavy areas. You’ll also burn a lot more fuel than you would if you drove at a normal speed. Everyone’s safer when you drive at a reasonable pace!

Life in the Slow Lane

Conversely, driving too slow can also be considered a bad habit. You might think that you’ve keeping people safe, but you’re not – slow drivers are considered among the biggest causes of crashes on the road! Why? Because they frustrate other drivers too much, who try to over- or undertake when it’s not safe to do so. So while you might feel safe, you’re making others take chances they shouldn’t be taking.

Must Text ASAP

Of all bad habits, none lead to requiring the services of an injury lawyer more than people who text while driving. It’s always the same way. People think they’re coasting along as normal and get out their phone to text someone. They don’t notice that the lights have changed to red and then BAM, they’re gone straight into the back of someone else and caused injury to them, most commonly whiplash. No message is worth taking a chance on the road – wait until you’re safely pulled over to reply!

common Bad Driving Habits


Giving Cars Space

What is it that people are trying to get so close to when they drive right behind another driver? You should always make sure there’s a big gap between your vehicle and those that are in front of you. All it takes is for them to break suddenly and you’ll be in a completely preventable accident.

You’re the Boss

Finally, this is something that many people are guilty of: thinking they’re the boss on the road. You might think you’re the best driver out there, but so do many other people. Keep in mind that you’re not the only person on the road and be considerate – if everyone paid as much attention to others as they pay to themselves the roads would be a lot safer. Save your serious driving skills for when you’re on a private track!

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