Here’s What Will Cost You That Sale

Selling your old car for cash isn’t as easy as it used to be. For a start, more and more people are doing this now. Car dealerships simply don’t offer the price we’re looking for as a part exchange. This means we’re left to sell the vehicle privately or take a heavy loss. Thanks to social media and some pretty awesome car sales websites, anyone anywhere can upload a photo or two and make that sale. Or can they?

Dodgy Photos

If your photos are not high resolution, clear, and detailed, viewers will assume you have something to hide. That means they won’t even call you or email you with an inquiry. The car has to look good in the picture to attract a potential sale. You also need to upload as many images as the website will allow. After all, we all value different things in a car. Get close ups of your alloys if they’re high value. Take a photo of the dash if you have lots of onboard tech. And take a photo of the back, side, and front of your car. Choose a perspective angle to add more interest – these aren’t mug shots!

Here's What Will Cost You That Sale

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Dodgy Body

If the body of your vehicle isn’t immaculate, then your potential customer is going to assume you don’t look after her. Dings, dents, scratches and rusty patches just scream out neglect. Sure, these things can be fixed easily at a car body repair shop. What the customer is worried about is if you have neglected the engine, the wheels, or the other essential systems. Make sure the car looks like it is loved and cared for so that the customer will have faith this is a good sale.

Dodgy Parking

When you agree to meet with your potential customer, make sure the vehicle is parked appropriately. It should ideally be on your driveway that also looks cared for and well-maintained. You’re trying to sell a lifestyle as much as a set of wheels. Show your customer what their life could be like if they owned your beautiful car. Two wheels on the curb, or dumped on an overgrown lawn is not the look you should be going for.

Car Is Right For You

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Dodgy Price

Selling your pride and joy for too much or too little money rings alarm bells that could cost you the sale. It is common practice for buyers to haggle the price. A ten percent drop seems reasonable. More than that could be a bit excessive. Work out the bottom line price you’re willing to accept. Make sure you know exactly the difference between your asking price and the one you’re willing to drop to. This figure could be used as part of the negotiation. If your price is higher than the current market price, you’re not likely to get the sale, so do your homework.

It’s not always easy to sell a car. When you’re in a hurry, you might be willing to drop the price quite low. It’s important you attract the right kind of buyer that will fill out the paperwork appropriately and not look to rip you off. Take care.

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