Hero Electric Photon Launched in India, Price and Features

Hero Auto Motors Company is one of the most leading company of India, and today they launched the new scooter in the market, it is an electric Scooter, named Hero Electric Photon. This scooter is manufactured in Ludhiana, Punjab India.

Hero Electric Photon, price, features, specification, colors, top speed, engine, mileage

Front Look of Hero Electric Photon

This scooter is featured with new features and specification, this scooter has two drive modes, Power and Economy. Top speed of this scooter is 45 kmph. On the launch of this scooter CEO of Hero Electric said that “Hero Electric has continued innovating and developing remarkable products for the EV market in India. There is a lot of potential in India and we are ready for the EV invasion. Companies are recognizing this fact and are working on products and technologies. Keeping in mind the varied needs of customers, it has been our constant endeavour to innovate in the e-two wheeler category, strengthening the trust of our valued customers. We are confident that the new Hero Electric High Speed Photon will further augment our growth in the EV segment”.

Here we are going to share with full Price, Features and Specification of Hero Electric Photon, which is given below.

Launch Date

This scooter is launched in India, now you can buy your scooter and enjoy the ride.


This scooter is featured with High Mag Flux with 46 magnetic poles, for help of this we get high efficiency and high torque in this scooter. This bike having two version, one is electric and other is Automatic based on the gearbox type, but price is same for the both the models. This scooter also has 1 mosfets and 24 MHZ high Speed controller for instant response to drive train with Minimum signal losses.

Hero Electric Photon, price, features, specification, colors, top speed, engine, mileage

Speedometer of Hero Electric Photon


New Features are added in this scooter, which is given below, check out.

  • Drum brakes are used
  • AGM VRLA battery used
  • Multi stage intelligent charger within built memory.
  • Better charge efficiency
  • Circuit breaker for safety
  • Fire resistant wiring
  • Telescopic suspension
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Float cum boost charger
  • Aerodynamic style
  • Economy
  • Power mode


This scooter is available in different colors. Color list of car is given below.

  • Black
  • White
  • Burgundy

Price of Hero Electric Photon

Price of Hero Electric Photon is very similar to its range scooter. Price of this scooter is Rs. 54,110.

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