In-Depth: The Biggest Mistakes We Often Make When Selling Our Cars

When it comes to selling a car, we all assume the process is straightforward. You take some photos of the vehicle, write a description and post your ad online. There’s nothing to it, right?

Well, it turns out that some of us are making monumental errors when we try to sell our cars! Some of them are just plain silly while others border on ridiculous.
If you’re going to sell your car soon, make sure you avoid making any of the following mistakes.

Mistakes We Often Make When Selling Our Cars

Not bothering to clean the car

When you’ve got a vehicle for sale, you need to do your utmost to make it attractive to potential buyers. One thing that most sellers know to do is clean their cars inside and out. After all; when you go to look at a car for sale at a dealer, it will be immaculate. So, why should your pride and joy be any different?

You might not think it, but selling a dirty car usually means lowering the profit you make. That’s why it is crucial you make the effort to ensure your vehicle is presentable.

Losing the paperwork

Aside from the ownership documents, there is no law that states each car sold must have old invoices. You know what I’m talking about; the paperwork given to you whenever a service or repair gets done.

I don’t know why, but many people seem to “lose” their service history documents. You are far more likely to achieve a higher sale price if you can prove the car has a full service history. And it’s even better if you only got your dealer to do the work for you.

Are you useless at keeping documents together? If so, buy a folder for them and store it somewhere safe.

Mis-describing the car

Whenever I want to sell my car, I always make sure that I write an accurate description. The trouble is; not everyone does that! If you don’t do that with your car ad, you’re just wasting yours and other people’s time.

Mistakes We Often Make When Selling Our Cars

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For example, don’t say the car is in “mint” condition if the bodywork is full of rust and dents! Nor you should say it is well-maintained if you seldom get the car serviced.

Selling at the wrong time

Sometimes people might have good advertising skills but choose the wrong time to sell. Let’s say that you’ve got a convertible. When do you think people will want to buy one – in the middle of winter, or summer?

It always helps to pick the right time to sell your car. It can mean the world of difference from a profit point of view.

Taking useless photographs

Finally, there is the photographic element of your ad. You need to capture your car’s best bits in each image. Don’t use the camera on your smartphone; use a proper camera to do so.

And if you’ve got shaky hands, you’ll end up with blurred images. Instead, invest in a tripod stand for your camera. They are a cheap and worthy investment.

Last, but not least, make sure you get the lighting and angles right when you take your photos. Otherwise, you’ll end up with dark images with little detail!

Mistakes We Often Make When Selling Our Cars

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