Isuzu RU30 MPV going to launch in 2016 in India

According to the recent new Japanese famous Motor Company Isuzu RU 30 is going to launch in India in 2016. This is a MPV car. Their main aim to launch this car in India is established a good status in Indian Automobile market. If company gets good response from this car in India, then they want to build a manufacturing plant in India for more and better production of their cars and to increase their market in Asian Countries.

Isuzu RU30 MPV,  price, features, specification, engine, mileage

Isuzu RU30 MPV

At this time we don’t have many details about this car, but after some time we will update you with full features and specification of this car.

Price of this car is India is not fix yet, but expected price of this car is Rs. 10 to 13 Lakhs in ex-showrooms. This car has many competitors in India, like Tata Aria, Mahindra Xlyo and Toyota Innova.

At this Isuzu Company product is assembled by the Hindustan Motors in Chennai on temporary basis. Mr. Takashi Kikuchi, President, MD of Isuzu Motors India said in an interview that “The future product plan has not been finalized yet and the company’s current agenda is to achieve 80% localization for its existing products in India in the next two years”.

This is going to launch in festive season in 2016. Company has a plan to seal 40,00 unit of this car in India.

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