Keep Your Car Fly From Start To Finish

Keep Your Car Fly From Start To Finish


Whether or not your car is brand new, you should be looking after it properly. It’s your baby, and if you don’t give it the right care, it’ll age quickly.

Here are the top tips and tricks to keep your vehicle looking fly.

Change bad headlight bulbs immediately

If you see that your lights are starting to dim, then this means it’s time to change them. Don’t wait until they burn out completely because this is putting yourself in danger (especially when driving at night), as well as others on the road. Plus you’ll also get pulled over by the police because it is illegal, so sort it out and don’t take the risk.

Store properly when not in use

If you don’t keep your car stored correctly, you may end up with a dead battery and a sad engine. So if you plan on going away for a while, cover your car up, top it off with some gas and get a close friend of family member to start the engine every now and then to keep the battery fresh.

Clean it regularly

If you’re wondering how your car manages to get so filthy – so quickly – refer to this article. You should be cleaning the interior and exterior of your car once a month; otherwise nobody is going to want to ride with you, and that’s pretty embarrassing. So stay on top of the mess, and you won’t be left with a car full of junk.

Make sure your mirrors are visible

A good set of mirrors is absolutely essential because unfortunately, you don’t have eyes in the back of your head, so you are relying on them when driving at all times. Make sure they’re spotless and in the right position so you can see everything around you.

Maintain your car’s interior

If you would like to keep the resale value of your car high, then make a conscious effort to keep your interior on point. This means wiping down your dashboards with the right products that will pick up dust and keep the shine going. And don’t forget your seats, the material will determine the kind of cleaner you use, so just make sure it’s right and won’t end up doing more damage than good.

Get some reliable floor mats

These are great for a couple of things, not only do they provide you with some cushioning for your feet. They will also stop you from bringing in any mess from the outdoors like soil, sand and even water. If you invest in a top quality mat, it will be able to absorb all the things you wouldn’t want touching your car.

Clean the bird poop

This isn’t just because it looks nasty on your car. Bird droppings are actually full of acid, and if left on your car, they will eventually burn through your paint job. So clean it off as soon as you can to prevent this from happening.

If it is too late, you can get car polishes or compounds to repair the damage.

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