Keep Your Car Running Better For Longer

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If you’ve been a qualified driver for a few years, you’ll know just how much it takes to keep a good car running smoothly. Obviously, you want to do everything possible to keep your car on the road for as long as possible, as cheaply as possible. It may not always feel that way, but the frequency with which you have to take your pride and joy to a mechanic, and the amount you pay for repairs, is largely in your hands. Here, we’ll list some of the best tips for keeping your car running better for longer…

Choose your Car Wisely

If your last car didn’t get nearly enough miles before it ceased to be drivable, and you’re now in the market for a new one, then you’ve got a great opportunity to exploit. While cars have been getting more and more reliable for years now, there’s still a wide range of choice, and the next car you drive off the lot can have a major difference on how much use you get out of it. As painful as it might be, try to forget looks and horsepower this time around, and choose a car based on its reputation for reliability. This will ensure that you spend your hard-earned money on something that’s going to run well for a number of years, rather than something that you can just about keep together.

Don’t Be a Cheapskate

Keep Your Car Running Better For Longer

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Inevitably, you’re going to need to get your car serviced at some point. You may not like the idea of handing over your hard-earned cash for tire rotations and air filter replacements all the time, but if you cheap out on this kind of routine maintenance, you’re going to wind up pushing your car towards an early grave. On the subject of cheaping out, make sure you’re going to a mechanic that’s up to the standards your car requires, and always avoiding the cowboys. If you needed a part replaced for an E-Class, would you go to a licensed dealer like Stuttgart Autos, or the cheapest place that claims to have what you need? If the answer isn’t obvious, then you’re sure to run into perfectly avoidable problems in the future!

Be a Better Driver

Just as avoiding rough terrain in a new pair of shoes can keep them from showing wear for longer, getting into good driving habits, and avoiding all the bad ones, can keep the whole machine running better for longer. It’s not made of glass, but if you strain your car too much, it will wear down important components, and lead to you finding yourself in your local auto shop much sooner than necessary. Drive gently by always slowing down for speed bumps and potholes, taking corners at a decent speed, and avoiding hitting the road until your car has had a chance to warm up. This may take some of the fun out of driving, but you’ll ensure that your car stays on the road much longer than it would if you treated every other road like a race track!

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