Land Rover’s New Ingenium Engine Sparks Up A Storm

Land Rover is an automotive brand that is no stranger to innovation. These days, they are making waves in the motor world thanks to extra manufacturing investment by its parent firm.

One development that has got the motoring press excited is Land Rover’s new range of Ingenium engines. Powered by diesel, they increase efficiency and fuel economy while lowering carbon emissions. So, what’s so unique and different about the Ingenium diesel as opposed to the older turbodiesels?

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Land Rover engine’s specifications are impressive

You might think that diesel engines aren’t something that would get most people hot under the collar. But this particular unit is a little special.

It’s a 2.0-litre powerplant that can deliver up to 57.7 mpg. We all know that diesel engines are more efficient than most petrol ones. But how many diesels do you know can boast such fuel economy in larger cars like the Land Rover Discovery?

There are two variants of the engine. The first is a 148 brake horsepower unit while the second offers 178 bhp. If you opt for a model with the first engine, you can guarantee that your emissions will be a low 129g/km. That means you will only have to pay £110 for 12 months tax!

As you can imagine, such an engine choice is a welcome option for fleet managers everywhere! It’s also useful for private buyers that want a car that’s excellent on fuel and doesn’t cost much to tax.

Land Rover vehicles have always been premium models. But such features and benefits are likely to attract new audiences to Land Rover ownership.

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Of course, there will be a group of people that want to have power as well as good fuel economy. If that sounds like you, the more powerful 178 brake horsepower Ingenium diesel powerplant is for you.

According to Dale from Saxton 4×4, the stronger of the two engine choices will get you from zero to 60 mph in just 8.8 seconds. You might not think that sounds particularly powerful. But, you should bear in mind that example is the new Land Rover Discovery Sport!

The top speed is also a respectable 117 mph. Did I mention that those figures also take into account that the engine is mated to an automatic gearbox?

It boasts extended service intervals

Let’s face it; most cars need a service when they’ve done around 10,000 miles. One fact that will tempt motorists to models fitted with the Ingenium is the extended service intervals. The guys at Jaguar Land Rover have said the service intervals range from 16,000 to 21,000 miles!

It seems that Land Rover want people to buy their cars not just because of the premium brand. They also want them to buy the latest models because of their lower running costs. And that’s something that all motorists want to benefit from.

Made in Britain

All of the new Ingenium diesel engines will get built at the firm’s £500-million manufacturing plant in the West Midlands region. They expect to produce nearly half a million engines each year there!

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