Lexus: The Japanese Mercedes?

It was Alan Partridge who once famously declared the Lexus to be ‘like the Japanese Mercedes’. To be fair to Alan, he wasn’t far wrong. There are certain images and thoughts we get when we hear the name Mercedes. It drums up memories of luxury, opulence and reliability. And this is also why the Lexus has become so popular.

Okay, so Alan Partridge aficionados may not be familiar with this term. But, after owning a Lexus, it’s certainly a saying you would attribute to the car. Even this year’s Geneva Motor Show three new concepts and models from the company. There are so many things to like about Lexus cars, and we’ll take a look at some of them now. It’s important to consider what makes them cars that can be uttered in the same breath as the great Mercedes-Benz.



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See, the thing with Mercedes is that it has always been associated with luxury. It is often advertised as being affordable luxury. And taking a look at one of their cars it’s easy to see why. Well, this is another area in which the Lexus excels. In fact, last year studies showed that Lexus was actually beating Mercedes as the U.S.’s premiere luxury car. This is some feat considering all the comparisons in recent years. Lexus manages to maintain its quality and luxury and pours personality and character into the mix as well. And that’s one of the reasons why these cars are held in such high regard.

Smooth Ride

Another thing that we associate with luxury travel is the ride itself. We want to get behind the wheel of our glamorous car and feel like we’re drifting effortlessly along the road. And there are so few cars that offer that mixture of luxury and a smooth ride. Mercedes provides this, and so do Lexus cars. You could visit Currie Motors and drive out of the forecourt behind the wheel of your own Lexus. The drive would be smooth and seamless. It’s difficult to find this kind of smooth and elegant ride. And that’s one of the reasons why these cars are so similar.


It should come as no surprise that Lexus is at the pinnacle of modern innovation and engineering. And the reason for this is obvious; it’s a Japanese car. As a subsidiary of Toyota, you’d expect the Lexus to be brilliantly designed. And it never disappoints in this capacity. It’s important for cars to be well put together and reliable. And the secret to this reliability a car that is brilliantly designed using the latest technology and engineering. This is always an area in which Mercedes has excelled throughout the years. In many ways, Lexus is an even better prospect because the cars are meticulously designed.

From looking at the evidence, it’s clear that Lexus and Mercedes are both highly regarded. Mercedes may have the brand name and the history that Lexus doesn’t, but it’s clear Lexus cars still measure up. So the next time you’re considering a luxury car, why not cast other options aside and think about a Lexus?

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