Little-Known Ways To Stretch Your Car’s Lifespan

Every car nut knows the importance of changing oil and similar routine maintenance, and the various signs you need to look out for when it comes to common mechanical issues. While there are usually warning signs that will tell you when something’s wrong with your car, there are various things you could be doing, or failing to do, that’s shortening the useful lifespan of your vehicle. Here are a few little-known maintenance tips to take on board…

Be A Clean-Freak

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Despite what many people believe, washing your car does a lot more than making it look nice. It can also go a long way to help longevity, through cleaning away the various kinds of dirt and grime that cause corrosion. While the paint on your car’s body protects it from the elements, the underside is always exposed to water and dirt that can cause it to rust.

This is why it’s especially important to keep every bit of your car meticulously clean during the winter, when there’s salt on the road. The salt from gritting trucks is great for preventing ice forming on the road, but it’s also pretty great at creating holes in some of the important components on the underside of your vehicle. Most cars have drainage points to let out the rust-causing water, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a nice, thorough wash on a regular basis.

Start It Slow

Between breakfast, showering, and checking your all-important social media accounts, it may be a rush to get out the door and on your way to work in the morning. When many people finally manage to get in the car, they drive off immediately, hoping to beat the usual chaos of morning traffic. Obviously, your boss won’t be very understanding if you’re late because you want to take care of your car.

However, your car needs time to get ready for driving when it’s been sitting on your drive for several hours. After a while, motor oil, essential for lubricating the moving parts in your car, will cool down and sink to the bottom of the tank. The oil pump will start distributing oil throughout the engine as soon as you start her up, but it takes time to reach all the parts it needs to. Rushing it could mean you find yourself having to take a trip to an auto shop like this: much sooner than necessary!

Lighten Up

Little-Known Ways To Stretch Your Car's Lifespan

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The philosophy behind the legendary Lotus badge is that the lighter the car is, the better it will drive. Like most of our readers, you probably don’t drive a two-seater sports coupe. However, this philosophy applies to any car, whether it’s a hatch, minivan or SUV. When there’s more weight in your car, the engine, brakes, transmission and suspension all have to work harder. Obviously, your car isn’t going to break down as soon as you load up all the cargo space. In the long term though, any unnecessary strain on these areas will take several miles off its useful life.


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