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When you need to find a new car, it can often be surprising how difficult that is to do. Something which is always helpful, however, is looking online for reviews. Finding decent reviews can be tricky, but once you start looking you can get a good idea of what to go for. As it happens, there are a few essential qualities that most people would tend to look for in their car, and most reviewers bear this in mind. But no matter what, you also need to ensure that your choice of car makes sense for you as an individual. In this post, we are going to look at some of the major aspects that reviews tend to talk about, to help inform your decision.


We would all agree that finding a car which drives well is a big part of this whole process. But what exactly does it mean to drive well? Even this is something which people can have differing opinions over, and if you want to find the right car for you then you will need to think about what you look for in the way a car handles. This is why you should always look out for descriptions of how a car handles in the review. Of course, it also helps if you take the car for a quick test spin. It doesn’t matter whether it’s brand new or a second-hand beast – test driving is the only way to be absolutely certain that you are going to be happy with a vehicle of any kind.

You learn so much in just a few minutes of test driving, it’s crazy not to take the opportunity. But you should make sure that you actually make the most of the test drive. A lot of people make the mistake of not really focusing when they are doing this. Don’t fall into this trap – instead, make sure that you are paying close attention to all the little details that make up your driving experience. Check the steering as you take corners – does it handle properly, and as you expect? Are the pedals to your liking, or is the biting point absurdly high? All of this really makes a difference to your driving experience, so you need to ensure you are taking it all on board during your test drive.

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Size & Space

We all have different needs when it comes to our vehicle choice. As for the size of your car, it is not necessarily the case that bigger is always better. After all, some people will need a big saloon car for their extended family, while others might just need a smart car for themselves and their partner. It would be crazy to go for something much larger or smaller than you need. So make sure that you find a vehicle which is suitable for your own daily needs. Many people find the size of the vehicle to be one of the most important aspects of all, so you should ensure that you are fully taking this into account when you’re looking around review sites for your ideal car. If you get this wrong, it might be incredibly frustrating further down the line, so make sure you don’t make that mistake!

Make & Model

Of course, the make and model of the car is one of the central facts which a review will always look into. Reviewers generally have a good sense of what to expect from different makes, and this helps to inform you when you are looking around for a vehicle. It is true that some are generally more reliable, while others might be better known for their fuel efficiency or superior handling. The point is, you should go for those names which you know and trust, in particular as they relate to the very qualities that you are personally looking for. If you have your eye on a Rebel Ford, then find a review written specifically for that. If you are looking for a Toyota, you might want to look elsewhere. You’ll find that certain reviewers are particularly knowledgeable in certain makes and models, so it only makes sense to take this into account.

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The aesthetics of a vehicle may or may not be one of the most important elements of all, depending on your personal preference. However, no matter how you feel about the looks of your car, most people would agree that it does come into consideration to some degree. Even if it is a backseat concern, you probably still unconsciously make your car buying decisions partly due to the aesthetics of the vehicle. There’s nothing wrong with that – after all, you will be driving around in it, and many people also consider their cars to be a kind of statement about themselves. When you are shopping around, it goes without saying that you should pay attention to how the car looks. You don’t want to end up with something you personally find repulsive, or which you would be embarrassed to drive. If you have seen a model you like, but you are unsure about the color, try asking for another color, or shopping elsewhere for that same model.

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Let’s not forget one of the most essential things of all – the level of safety of a vehicle. The most important factor of all in many ways, there are a number of ways to check this vital category when you are shopping for a new car. Safety is hugely important, as you want to know that you are driving away in a vehicle you can trust. To be sure of that, you should go out of your way to check the vehicle’s history, as well as reading what the reviews say about it. A good dealer will be able to provide you with a safety certificate, as well as a decent amount of service history for that vehicle too. This information and paperwork should help you to feel more relaxed about driving the vehicle – and that itself makes a huge difference to how you feel about the car. You can also check the reliability of the brand, or of that model specifically, to get a broader sense of its likely safety mark.

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