Make Any Used Car Feel Shiny and New!

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Given the choice, most of us would probably choose a new car over a used one. Let’s face it, if you won the lottery tomorrow, it’s unlikely you’d be scouring for used car bargains. However, the reality is, we’re not all lottery winners. As fantastic as a new car is, it’s not a practical choice for a lot of people. Thankfully you can get some great deals on used cars, and let’s face it- it’s still new to you! However, there are a few things you can do to up the comfort and performance as well as tailor it to you.


Cosmetic Upgrades

The way a car feels, drives and performs is incredibly important- and looks really should be low on the list of priorities. But in the real world, that’s just not the case. We all want a car that looks the part and suits our personality- it makes us feel happy every time we get in it to drive. How about having a custom paint job, it could be a cool design or even just a change of colour. Some colours of cars will always be more expensive, so it might be cheaper to choose any shade and have the colour changed yourself. This also gets rid of any nicks and scratches and gives it a nice new appearance. You could change the hubcaps, and make upgrades inside the car too. Simple changes like a new steering wheel and gearstick cover, mats and a good clean can make any used car look fantastic again.


Driving Upgrades

There are plenty of extra things you can add onto a car, even years after it has been built to improve the performance. One easy upgrade you can make to used cars is adding a chip tuning box; not only will this give you a 10% reduction in the fuel you use (good for your wallet as well as the environment) but will also enhance the performance of your engine. Because they can easily be fit without cutting or soldering- and be removed just as easily- they’re an idea upgrade even for those who aren’t mechanically able. They operate within the limits or your car manufacturer’s tolerance limits so won’t in any way shorten the lifespan, and can be fitted to just about any model.  

Technology Upgrades

Technology moves so fast, even cars that are just a few years old can be behind the times when it comes to tech. If your model is a good few years old, it will have been created before sat navs, mobile phones and other devices were widely used which can cause a problem in today’s tech obsessed world. However you can have technology fitted to any car, touch screen sat nav/ car stereo combos are good since you can kill two birds with one stone. Plus they will have either Bluetooth or an aux port allowing you to easily connect your smartphone. That way you can listen to playlists from online iTunes and Spotify or even take calls through the device. They can even be connected to parking cameras and have voice recognition software, so there’s no need to pull over every time you need to use it.

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