Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha will launch in 2015

Maruti Suzuki is India’s largest car manufacturer company and they planning to launch some new product in the Indian market in next year 2015. They could launch three new products in the Indian, they may be mid-size sedan or SUV categories cars but this not conform yet. But according to a report this is conform that in 2015 company going to launch their new car  that is Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha. This is SUV car and, they launch this product in the market to give big competition to other SUV cars like Duster.

Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha

Front Look of Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha

This car is release in the Auto Expo Fair. In present time Ford Eco Sport and Renault Duster make big seal in the market and Maruti Suzuki also want to give big competition to these so they try to launch this car as soon as possible in the 2015.

Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha

Head Lights of Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha

This car is featured with new technology and some new features added into this car. Here we are going to discuss the feature, price and specification of Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha SUV car in details.

Launch Date

The launch details of the car are not decided yet, but the expected launch of the car is in 2015.

Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha

Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha Launch in Auto Expo

Specification of Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha

This car is featured with 1.6 liter four cylinders, petrol engine, which produce the maximum power of 120PS and maximum torque of 156 Nm. This has 5 speed manual gearbox or a CVT. This car is also available in diesel version also and this version is powered by 1.6 liter oil burner capable of delivering 120PS of maximum power and 320Nm of torque and has 6 speed manual transmission gearboxes in India.


The full features of the car is not revel yet, because car is not launch yet, but we know some features car like, this has optional four wheel drive system along with four driving modes. Other features of the car are revel at the time of the launch.

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The price of the Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha SUV car is not fix yet, but expected prize of the car is in the range of Duster or EcoSport cars. And price tag of this car must be nearly about the Rs. 10 Lakhs.

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