Motorcycling Mythbusters: The Real Facts

Buying into a myth can often make you look a little foolish at times. But, when it can seem rather believable, or you trust the person who is telling you, it’s hard to look past the nonsense and see the facts. Myths are everywhere, but motorcycling seems to have some of the strangest myths that many people believe. I thought I would share with you some of them and let’s see how many you through were true.

Motorcycling Mythbusters: The Real Facts


Using the front brake will toss you over the handlebars

One of the oldest myths knocking around amongst fellow motorcyclists and enthusiasts is the thought that using the front brake sharply will automatically send you over the handlebars. Maybe this is why there is so much emphasis on wearing the right gear like your motorcycle jackets and your protective leathers. Of course, this had to come from somewhere, and a little research would indicate that years ago when motorcycles were used on dirt tracks, that using the front brake sharply would lock the wheel, which of course would stop you and potentially send your back wheel flying into the air. There is evidence to support that this is no longer the case, but you will still hear this myth passed from person to person still to this day.


A skilled rider should be able to handle almost any motoring situation

Although the preconception is that a skilled rider could handle any situation they are presented with on their motorcycle, the chances are even those most skilled can’t account for driver error on the other side. A motorcyclist won’t be able to control what someone is doing in their car. When they pull out of a junction suddenly or fail to see them in their rear or side view mirrors. So it’s definitely a myth that skilled riders can handle any motoring situation.


Helmets block your ability to see and hear danger

We are all aware that a helmet is essential safety wear for any motorcyclist, except that there is a myth amongst people who would state that they actually hinder your ability to stay safe. Sure they will reduce impact to your head in a collision, but if you weren’t wearing one would you have avoided the collision entirely? However, this isn’t true at all. In fact, a helmet reduces wind noise making it much easier to hear. It provides you with a screen visor to ensure that your visibility is at it’s peak. A myth that it puts you in harm’s way is total nonsense. Thankfully, not many people believe this one anymore.


Loud pipes save lives, apparently

Having loud exhaust pipes is suppose to increase road noise, making it much easier for other motorists to here a motorcyclist, therefore making those loud pipes saving lives. It makes sense, but it’s too bad that the science side of things doesn’t entirely back up this theory. A loud exhaust pipe noise is actually rear ended. Meaning that the sound element travels backwards not forwards, so in theory, a motorist ahead of you will not hear you coming.

I hope these motorcycling myths are finally solved for you.

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