What You Need To Know Before Modifying Your Car

You’ve seen plenty of car shows, you’ve watched how they hunt for spare parts or put in a new sound system. Now you want to try it yourself if you feel confident enough to go in and do it then great. But be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you start ripping pieces out the car.

Before beginning the modification decide what platform you’re going to embark on. This comes down to what you are planning to do with the modification. If you’re doing performance or drag racing then different modifications will differ.

Making sure what you plan to modify is firstly legal, too many modifications can affect the handling of the car on the road. That goes for inside. If you plan on putting in-car entertainment, it’s deemed distracting it can leave you with fines.

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Do. Your. Research. Once stereos have been ripped out or even worse exhaust or engine parts then you’re looking at a small fortune for someone to come out and repair.

There are both pros and cons into modifying your car. Have a read and think up reasons as to why you really want to do it. If your car enthusiasts and know what you’re doing then that’s great. If you’re doing it because you’ve watched wheeler dealers and think you can fix it up to make a profit then you might be jumping the gun slightly.

Electrical and electronic modifications can range from so many factors to alarms, sound systems, lighting and much more. You can get a skilled installer to make sure these are fitted correctly if you aren’t 100% sure.

it’s specific car parts you want or after be sure to check PATC they specialize in certain makes of car parts. This is great if you aren’t sure on how to go about it or fear of being ripped off financially. Most people when modifying know where parts are needed or to import.

Image Source: Pexels

Check what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to exhausts, a lot of negativity is surrounded by the sound that is produced. If you remove an exhaust silencer you are automatically breaking the law, for making a vehicle omit noise that is louder than its original sound before modification.

The final step is insurance, let insurers know of any modifications made to the car. Not declaring can invalidate your policy. When renewing, always run a number of different quotes this can save money. Each insurer has a different view on risks with modifications. Shopping around can help find the cheapest.

Doing a project like this is going to take time and may prove costly. Be aware of costs and take them into consideration, factor in additional add ons you might not have expected along with routine maintenance.

There is so much that can be done to a car that it can go on endlessly, these are just basics. It’s a fun process if done correctly and can be rewarding should you choose to sell it for more the price you paid.

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