Never Use A Garage Car Wash Again (Plus The Alternatives)

Yes, I know that garage car washes are super easy to use. After all, you have to drive your vehicle through them at the right speed and time, and then you come out with a cleaner car. However, they are bad news if you want your car to look its best, and for it to retain its value in the long term. The reason for this is because those big spiky brushes are notorious for causing scratches to the trim and damage to the paintwork. Not something that will do you vehicle any good if you use them too often. Therefore, it’s time to ditch the garage car wash and DIY, read on to find out how.

Using a garage car wash? It’s time to stop!

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Maintenance and repair

One of the most significant advantages to cleaning the car yourself is that you can do any maintenance and repair jobs that need completing at the same time. Something In garage car wash will not be able to help you with.

In particular, at this stage look for small cracks in the windscreen that need filling, although if they have started to spread, the entire thing may need to be replaced. Also, don’t forget about any dents you may have caused by backing just that tiny bit too close to the car park wall at work, or scraping the side of the garage wall as you leave in a rush in the mornings.

Of course, there will be more regular maintenance that needs to be completed as well, including changing the oil and the water in the engine. Don’t forget to check the lights and breaks are functioning correctly too, Something you can get some help with by viewing the video below.




Once your vehicle has been repaired and maintained it’s time to get to grip with the cleaning. Now, detailing is a very in-depth practice, and this means that you need to start with a vehicle that is already relatively clean. To do this most car owners choose to valet their car. Valeting is where they wash the outside and vacuum on the inside, so most the debris is picked up.



When washing the outside of your vehicle, be sure to remove any stubborn stains such as tree sap. You can do this by using a clay bar, but remember to be very gentle or you can end up taking off more paint than you would like. Also be sure to wash off any salt that you have collected when driving in the winter, as this can quickly eat through paint and cause marking that you can only get rid of by repainting.


To make the whole cleaning process more manageable, you may wish to use something like one of these power washers that direct water in a focused spray. Then you have to put in less effort and will still get a much better result that you would if you were using a bucket and a sponge.



The next stage of detailing your vehicle is where you take some time to walk around it and check inside and outside to see what issues need resolving. To help you with this you may wish to take a notebook and write down your observations, or a more straightforward way is to take a picture on your phone to remind of each task that needs completing. In particular, look out for marks on the trims both inside and out, as well as any staining in the interior that needs fixing.



Once you have done a complete inspection of your vehicle, it’s time to get to grips with the detailing process. The first task here is to polish your car and then apply a thin wax coat to make it shine.

Always remember that when applying any liquid or wax to your paintwork you must use a super soft cloth. Most people pick microfibre cloths now, although some still prefer to use the more tradition chamois leather instead because they don’t mark the paintwork and minimize streaks. Remember that it is vital only to apply a thin layer of wax at this stage, because too much wax can also damage the paintwork.

Once the wax is on you will need to buff it off as this is what actives the shine and creates a waterproof barrier over the paintwork of your car. Something that will make it easier to keep in excellent condition and to clean the next time you do a full detail



After you have buffed and polished the outside of your vehicle to a high shine, it’s time to work in the interior. Of course, getting to all the hard to reach places inside of a car’s cabin isn’t always the easiest of jobs. Luckily there are some tactics you can use to help you out here.

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One is to get a can of compressed air which can be directed into the wells and creases in the trim, forcing any dust out of them. Another good tip is always to dust the interior from the top down as this should prevent you from just moving the dirt around.


Lastly, don’t forget that you can buy detail cleaning bushes that will help you get into all the nooks and crannies in your car interior. Something that can help you to quickly raise your vehicle detailing game without too much extra effort on your part.

Also, to finish, don’t forget to pay attention to the small aspect of the interiors of your vehicle. What this means is that you need to clean and then dry any rubber matting, as well as apply some non-slip product, so they are safe. It is also a prime opportunity to change car cabin air filter. Something that will mean that not only will your car be the cleanest it has ever been, but so will the air that you breath in while you are driving it.



You can see above that detailing your vehicle isn’t too tough once you know what to do. Therefore, why not give it a go and skip that garage roller washer the next time your vehicle needs a clean.

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