The Pros and Cons of Modifying Your Car

Customizing your car and making some changes to it is really big business at the moment. Car buyers are spending a lot of money to make their car look different to how they bought it. It can be an alternative to buying a new car for many people, as it means a slightly different car than before. Some might make changes to it to make life simpler or to help with their line of work. However, some car modifications can have some legal or even safety implications; so is it worth it? Here are a few points to think about when it comes to modifying your car. Is it something that you’d be willing to do?

Will Your Warranty Still Be Valid?

As a rule, a car modification isn’t going to automatically mean that your car’s warranty is no longer valid. The problem arises when it comes to safety and performance of the car. If a modification causes damage to the car of it’s performance, then it could very well be the case that the warranty is no longer valid. Take, for instance, an oversized wheel. It can strike against components of the car that are used for steering, causing some damage. So if anything were to happen to it, then it would more than likely mean that you’re not covered by it. On the plus side, this is going to mainly relate to brand new cars. If you get a car secondhand, or modify your car after a number of years of owning it, then the chances are that is doesn’t have a warranty anyway (you might just need to check on your car insurance instead).

The Pros and Cons of Modifying Your Car


Are Modifications Even Allowed?

There are a couple of types of modifications that you can do to your car. One type is a change to the physical appearance of the car; plastic surgery for your car, if you like. It means that it still does the job, but it might have a raised wheel arch now or even have some 2017 ford super duty bumpers on the back of it. These modifications are not ones that are particularly frowned upon. Though it is always worth speaking to your car insurer or car dealer if it is under a warranty.

The other kind of car modification that you can get is the modification of things like the engine. These kind of modifications can cause changes that are illegal. There are state and federal laws about car emissions. So if your car’s engine has been modified, it could mean a change in those emissions, and more than likely, not for the better. The car can be denied a registration certificate renewal if this is the case. It will have to go through a smog testing process to check it is at the acceptable level. So if you’re unsure, it could be best to just leave it. You don’t want to end up with a car that you can’t drive, do you?

The Pros and Cons of Modifying Your Car


Is It Safe?

As with all things these days, we need to check that it is safe. But the fact is, some modifications to a car’s braking could actually be beneficial and make the car handle better. The thing that you need to look out for is poor installation of this kind of thing, though, and use of poor parts. If they are cheap and low-quality, then it can be a safety issue. Cars are designed pretty well as they are. So too much modification of them can disrupt the safe system that they have created. So the advice is to use with caution. Don’t go changing your chassis around too much, as it has already been designed well.

Overall, you need to look at the safety of the car in the first place. Things like airbags are there to help you to be safe. But even using some seat covers can affect the impact that some airbags might have.

All In All, Is It Worth Doing?

It does totally depend on you as the driver and your driving style. If you drive in very bumpy country roads, then getting a car lowered is more than likely only going to cause more damage to your car. Paint jobs will need touch ups more, and some body modifications might need some parts that are expensive to replace, should you get into an accident. So all in all, modifications to your car can make it much more high maintenance. But of you’re prepared with the time and money, then they could be for you.

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