Reduce The Risk Of Bike Accidents By Following These Top Tips

A couple of months ago, I posted an article on the steps to take after a bike accident. Today, I’ve written a follow-up piece on that topic. The focus of this article is preventing those accidents from happening in the first place. I’ll give you some tips on how you can do just that.

Reduce The Risk Of Bike Accidents

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Check Your Speed

The great thing about bikes is that they’re fast! They have incredible acceleration, and can zoom passed most cars on the highway. The problem with this is that you’re put at an increased risk. There’s more chance of an accident occurring if you’re riding your bike at a very high speed. Especially if you’re going around a corner, or on a tight road. To reduce the risks, you have to check your speed. Ensure that you’re not going way over the required speed limit. And, drop your speed when you have to turn a sharp corner, or the roads are tight with lots of traffic. A fair few bike accidents are caused at junctions when a car is turning onto the road you’re flying down. You move so fast; they struggle to see you, and you crash right into the side of them. Reduce your speed, reduce the risks.

Reduce The Risk Of Bike Accidents


Wear The Correct Safety Gear

Wearing safety gear can certainly stop a minor bump from turning into a massive problem. If you’re kitted out with the right equipment, then you protect yourself from damaging injuries. You can find sites like Bikers’ Basics that show you all the safety gear that you need to ride a bike. Now, you may think that dressing up in all this stuff is a lot of effort. Car drivers can wear whatever they want, why do you have to make the extra effort? Well, people in cars are protected by the body of their car. Whereas, bikers aren’t protected by anything, so, you need the extra gear. There’s no doubt that wearing safety clothes can reduce the risks of getting hurt on the roads. Plus, things like eyewear and gloves can help stop accidents from happening. If you have gloves with bad grip, then your hand can slip on the throttle when it’s wet and rainy. Similarly, the wrong eyewear won’t give you clear enough vision in bad weather. But, with the right stuff, your hands stay gripped and secure, and your vision is clear.

Reduce The Risk Of Bike Accidents


Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for every bike out there. It doesn’t matter how good your bike is; it needs to be checked now and then. This is to ensure that everything is working properly, and you’re safe on the roads. There are many little issues that can occur without you knowing. When this happens, there’s a greater risk of accidents occurring. For example, the tread on your tyres might be wearing too thin. This means you have less grip on the roads, and it’s harder to control your bike. So, braking might not be as effective, and you can go into the back of a car in front of you. Be smart, and book your bike in for a checkup if you haven’t done so for a while.

Follow these tips and bike accidents will be a thing of the past for you!

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