Revealed: The Top Practical Tips To Help You Boost Your Car’s Power

You might think that the only way to have a powerful car is by driving a V8. And you might even believe that today’s modern cars don’t allow for performance improvements. Well, it might shock you to know that you can boost the power of any vehicle.

But, I’m not suggesting that you need to go and retrofit a supercharger to your motor. Nor am I recommending that you fit a bigger engine to your car. What I’m going to talk about today is how to boost your car’s power with some simple common sense methods! Want to know what they are? Keep reading to find out more!

Tips To Help You Boost Your Car’s Power

Boost Your Car's Power



Get the top half of your engine rebuilt

It might sound like a scary prospect. But, the process is more labor intensive than difficult! You might not know it, but the top end of your motor will be decreasing the performance of your car. Why? The answer is simple: carbon.

During the combustion process, carbon deposits get stuck to your engine’s internal parts. Most of that carbon will end up in the top half of your motor. Specifically, in the cylinder head and the rocker cover.

Once you remove those items, you can give them a good clean and refit them with new gaskets. You may also wish to have the cylinders honed for extra performance.

Get your engine’s ECU remapped

All cars from the mid-1990s onwards have an ECU or Electronic Control Unit. In layman’s terms, they are the brains of your modern engine. The ECU controls all kinds of engine functions including the fuel injection system.

The trouble with stock ECUs is they aren’t mapped for performance. You can unleash some extra horsepower by getting an ECU remap. So, how do you know which provider offers the best remap solution for your ECU?

I recommend reading some reviews online of the different options available. A good place to start is

Flush your fuel delivery system

All modern motors need fuel to complete the combustion process. The trouble is, fuel doesn’t always get delivered in an efficient way. In general, the older the motor, the less efficient the delivery system becomes.

The first thing to do is have your fuel lines replaced. Next, remove your fuel tank and have it cleaned by a professional. If it’s quite rusty, replace it with a brand new one. You should also replace the fuel filter and in-tank pump while you’re at it.

Under the hood, remove your fuel injectors. The good news is you can get them ultrasonically cleaned instead of replaced. It’s a process that will save you lots of money (fuel injectors are quite expensive brand new). Check out to see how the process works.

Only use premium fuel

Last, but not least, give your engine only the best fuel that it deserves! Premium fuels will prevent a high carbon build-up in your engine. Plus, they will maintain the fine mist spray patterns in your fuel injectors.

Good luck!

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