The Rise Of Car Ownership vs. The Decrease Of Car Knowledge

According to Experian Automobile, the American population is looking at getting their hands on new cars more and more frequently, either with a lease contract or by looking at financing options to buy. With the average auto loan having reached the record amount of almost $30,000, which is 4% more than the previous years, it makes no doubt that Americans are keen on changing cars. However, in times where everything seems to be getting more expensive, from the grocery shopping to the energy bills, it can be interesting to understand why people want to change cars, and if they need to do so. Indeed, the average driver will own more at least four times more car in his or her lifetime than a driver in 1950. However, despite people’s drive to buy more and more cars, it seems that there is very little understanding of cars and car maintenance that has made its way to the younger driver generations.  

Rise Of Car Ownership vs. The Decrease Of Car Knowledge

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Is It Beyond Repair?

The first question that drivers need to ask themselves is whether the car is indeed beyond repair.

There are indeed signs that a car needs to be changed, such as having constant breakdowns or even needing fuel more often – old cars can become less fuel-efficient. However, while these signs can’t be ignored, what is rarely considered is the reasons that have led to its state of disrepair. Indeed, younger generations tend to care less about their cars than their parents and grandparents did. In other words, servicing and regular maintenance are not always part of their schedules. Consequently, cars might have a lower life expectancy than they should.

How Do You Best Look After Your Car?

Car Ownership vs. The Decrease Of Car Knowledge

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Needless to say, cars need attention and love to run for longer. This means that you should be scheduling a servicing day for your car, at least every year. If you’ve bought the car from certified car dealerships, there is often the possibility to arrange for service with them. Indeed, most car dealerships offer to look after the cars they’ve sold. This will mean that drivers can receive a reminder for the service date, ensuring that the car is looked after. Otherwise, it is essential to look for a mechanic you can trust and to plan checking and servicing with them. As part of the service checks, every mechanic will also provide you with the list of faults to repair and potential risks to consider. While this means that you may end up paying more than you wanted, you also know that the car has received the care it needed.

How’s Your Knowledge About Cars?

Can you change a tyre? 60% of American drivers don’t know how to change a tyre. This knowledge that used to be considered common knowledge for all drivers has now be replaced by search engines. Drivers simply look up for the solution to their problems online. This doesn’t always mean that they will follow a tutorial on how to change a flat tyre. Instead, they’ll look for for the closest garage to do it for them. Knowledge that was once necessary for drivers has not made it to the younger generation. Indeed, with drivers being less and less car-smart, it will soon be easier to buy a new car than change a flat tyre.

Car Ownership vs. The Decrease Of Car Knowledge

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