A Road Trip With Driving Force

Who here’s thinking about a road trip this summer? They may not be for everyone, but there’s no denying that long drives to a variety of locations can be the perfect way to a vacation with a difference. If you’re used to jetting off and sitting by the pool, a road trip is sure to shake up your holiday experience. And, it’s much more accessible than many of us think. In the past, road trips were deemed only for those with wanderlust and no commitments. But, with a little forward thinking, you can make a road trip work, even with a family in tow.

There’s no denying that your first road trip may take a little planning. It’s the only way to ensure everyone enjoys their time away. And, it’s not as easy as booking into a five-star hotel for the duration of your stay. Instead, your car becomes your hotel. It is, after all, where you’ll be spending the duration of your time. To avoid anyone getting car sick, bored, or uncomfortable, consider the vehicle you use. We’re going to look at a few road trip essentials and the cars which are sure to serve well for each of them.


Depending on where you’re driving to, it’s likely you’ll spend extended periods of time in the car. So, it makes sense that you want a comfortable ride for the duration of your holiday. If you have kids in the back, this is even more important. No one wants to spend their time away listening to children whining about their sore backsides! So, turning to something like the Kia Sedona is your best bet. This minivan offers plenty of space and plenty of comfort.

You won’t have to worry about children kicking the back of your seat as they try to get comfortable with one of these. It has center row captain chairs which recline, and an excess of space for the kids to kick back in. This option also offers tri-zone climate control. Whether the problem is overheating or feeling too cold, no one likes to drive in the wrong climate. But, that’s not something you’ll have to worry about with this option. If a minivan doesn’t sound like your ideal drive, there are many other options available. You could opt, instead, for something like the Buick LaCrosse. It has a whopping 40.5 inches of backseat legroom, and a luxury interior to boot. It’s hard to imagine anyone feeling uncomfortable in an option like this.

Road Trip With Driving Force

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Of course, it’s not only legroom that matters in the space stakes. You’re also going to need a car with enough storage space for your luggage. Unlike during a hotel vacation, it’s going to be with you every step of the way. Before you have nightmares about everyone with luggage piled on top of them, there are ways around the issue. It’s all about cars with enough storage space to fit what you have. Of course, if you’re going alone or with a friend, chances are you won’t be taking too much with you. But, a family affair is a different matter.

So, if you’re worried about being crowded out for the whole trip, turn to an option like the Mercedes V-Class. This bad boy has a massive 1030 litres of load space and a seating capacity of seven. Chances are, not all those seats will be taken. So, you have the option of increasing that luggage capacity again by removing some seats. The downside? The car does look a little van like, but is it any surprise when there’s space like that involved?

Road Trip With Driving Force

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Some road trippers choose to stay on the straight and narrow. If you know you’ll be driving on smooth, easy roads, then you don’t need to worry so much about the driving experience. But, if you intend to do a little off-road driving, it’s worth picking a car fit for the occasion. Take a  look at the new Subaru Outback for this one. It has a symmetrical all-wheel drive system, underbody protection panels and an x-mode function for off-road driving. Oh, and there’s a hill descent option if you need it! The best part is, the Outback works equally well on regular roads, too. It’s adaptable and doesn’t look so rugged as many 4X4s on the market.

What’s not to love? Of course, Subaru aren’t the only ones you can turn to. It’s also worth giving the new look Landrover Discovery a mention. While it doesn’t quite boast the same features as the Outback, it’s not far behind. It looks fantastic, and can still handle itself well off-road. 480kg have also been taken off the original Discovery’s weight, making it a more fuel efficient option. Planning out your trip will help you decide whether you need a car like this. But, if there’s going to be a mix of terrain, it’s an option worth considering.

Road Trip With Driving Force

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No one likes the idea of spending hours cooped in a car with nothing to do. Yes, the driving experience is the fundamental basis of any road trip. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance the ride with a little in-car entertainment. This is another must if you’re taking children along with you. The chances are, they won’t find the scenery as enthralling as you do. And, if they’re bored, they’ll let you know about it. That’s when a car like the Audi Q7 Premium Plus can come in handy. The plus edition has an infotainment system to die for.

The eleven-speaker sound system will play that road trip soundtrack perfectly. It has the option for radio, or you can hook it up to your iPhone and play straight from there. You also have the possibility of installing a rear seat entertainment system, including individual DVD players and viewing screens. Kiss goodbye to the chorus of ‘Are we there yet?’ for the duration of the ride. Instead, the kids can plug in and watch their favorite films until you arrive!

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