Second-Hand Tips For Second-Hand Van Buyers

Are you tired of hiring a man with a van whenever you need to move house or pick up a new piece of bulky furniture? Well, there is one way around that – you just need to buy your very own van! Don’t worry, you don’t need to break your bank by buying a brand new vehicle. In fact, most of the second-hand vans out on the market right now are great quality and well worth your pennies.


Not too sure what to look for in a second-hand van? No problem; here are some second-hand tips from fellow second-hand van buyers.

Second-Hand Tips For Second-Hand Van Buyers


Know Your Rights

Even though most van sellers are completely legitimate, there will be some people out there who are just after making a very quick buck. So, you need to know what your rights are just in case someone does try and pull the wool down over your eyes. First of all, the consumer rights act states that all sellers and dealers need to be 100% honest with all the information they provide about a vehicle. If you find that one piece of info isn’t true, then you can get a full refund. You also have 30 days to reject a van and take it back to the seller. In fact, your rights are just the same as if you were buying a second-hand car.


Consider Your Budget

You need to think about how much you have to spend on your van. Some of the best places to get a personal loan might be able to boost your available cash slightly so that you can afford a better model of van. But once you have a budget in mind, it is really important that you stick to this so that you don’t end up overspending and going out of pocket.


Research The Market

Before you start looking for a second-hand van, it’s a good idea to take some time and research the current market. At the very least, you should have a general idea of the ballpark price for the kind of van you are looking for. That way, you will know to run a mile from any advert that has an extremely low or high asking price – if you think there is something fishy about things, then there probably is!


Check Everything Out

Once you’ve found what you think is the perfect second-hand van for you, it’s time to go and check it out to make sure it is just as good in real life. Be sure to take the time to check out everything – and I mean everything! Even though the vehicle is in second-hand condition, there should be hardly any damage to the body or interiors. It’s also important that you take it for a test drive so that you can get a feel for how the van drives. This should also flag up any potential problems with the engine and other systems.

Buying a second-hand van is a great way to find a fantastic discounted vehicle!

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