The Car Technologies of the Future?

Technology is something that we are lucky to have in this day and age. It is so varied and diverse, and can really make our lives simpler. Not to mention making our driving safer and our lives out on the road. But car manufacturers are always looking for new ways to bring technology into their vehicles, make the driving experience smoother, and of course, making this easier and safer.

With that in mind, it can be fun to look at some of the things that could be coming out way when it comes to vehicles. What technologies are being developed that could help to make our lives simpler? Here are some things to be looking out for.

The Car Technologies of the Future?



Transparent Bonnet

Not so much a piece of tech, but a design feature that could change how we drive. Think about driving on steep on uneven terrain, for example. If you were able to see what is right in front of you and see your wheels better, then it could mean steering at better angles to ensure you are kept safe. So it is a simple design feature that can help to make things simpler and easier.


Identity Checks

There are sites like that talk about the tech that you can get to check identity. And for drivers, at the moment this can be really useful for people that are taxi drivers, for instance. They can use vision technology to reduce fraud-related chargebacks and perhaps deter criminals. But going forward, could we be using a visual ID check to unlock our cars, to make sure that they are kept the most secure and can’t be stolen? It is an interesting thought.


Pothole Alerts

If you are a driver then you will know the annoyance and damage that comes from finding an unexpected pothole as you are driving. But companies like Land Rover are designing a Pothole Alert Technology that can help to make unexpected potholes a thing of the past; you can read more here: The idea is that there are sensors placed in the wheels that will detect a pothole, and they will then set off a super quick change to the vehicle’s suspension to counteract the impact of the pothole.


Speed Adjustment

There can be many accidents that can be prevented if people are driving at the right speed for the road that they are on. Which is why some speed adjustment technology could be a great thing to implement so that cars are complying with the speed limit, especially when the limit changes along the stretch of the same road. Though speedy drivers won’t be pleased to hear it, it can mean some really great things for keeping us and others safe when we’re out and about on the road.


Is there any tech that you’re looking forward to seeing soon? Or perhaps ones that you’re not keen to see? It would be good to hear your thoughts.

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