The Cons Of New Car Tech That May Surprise You

The Cons Of New Car Tech That May Surprise You

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Car technology is advancing at a ridiculous pace. For heaven’s sake, there are going to be vehicles that drive themselves without human intervention. If that isn’t impressive, that nothing is. Everyone tends to see the positive side of car tech. The engine coolant is half full, so to speak. However, not all the new features that are being released are bound to have a constructive impact. Indeed, some of the ones that seem as if they are out of this world are the features that may cause the most trouble. As surprising as that is, it’s true and here are the reasons why.


Driverless Liability

There’s a video on the internet of a woman crossing the road pushing a bike when suddenly she gets hit by a car. This isn’t a new phenomenon, yet it garnered media attention from around the world. Why? It’s because the vehicle was a driverless Uber doing a test run. Although it appears as if we can sit back and relax while the computer does the heavy lifting, it’s clear there are bugs. Unfortunately, these glitches can be fatal. At the least, they may cause you to get advice from this lawyer or one of your choosing. If the computer messes up, then lives are on the line.



Let’s stick with the issue of code for a moment because it’s important. For a self-driving vehicle to perform its primary goal, it needs an internet connection. Once it is online, it makes the car hackable from anywhere in the world. Yep, it’s like your laptop or mobile device, if only a Tesla can hit speeds of 100mph. The fact that this is possible is scary, although it doesn’t mean it will happen any time soon. Still, the possibility is enough to make drivers think twice about computer code when they get behind the wheel.


Excitement Factor

There’s no doubt that driving is fun. Cars that have shift sticks and a clutch constantly need the driver to perform small actions. Even though they are quite subtle, it keeps motorists involved. During a drive from, say, the west coast to the east coast, these little things are enough to keep a person sane. Imagine making the same journey without any driver input. It would merely involve staring out of the window to count the miles down. There are bigger fish to fry, yet car-lovers need the thrill of the chase.


Human Reliance

Does your car have a rearview camera? Maybe it has proximity alarms? As novel and annoying as they are, they’re both helpful. In fact, these features are too useful. As soon as you get into another car without these aids, driving becomes difficult. The little things such as backing up are dangerous because you’re waiting for a noise that never comes. Anyone walking behind the vehicle could end up in the hospital, or you may smash into a parked car. Relying on technology makes motorists worse drivers.

What’s your take on car technology? Is it good, bad, or indifferent?

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