The Greatest Honda Cars & Motorbikes on the Market

Honda is the dominant force in Japan when it comes to making cars and motorbikes. But which are their greatest achievements?


For consumers, the best car that Honda produced is undoubtedly the Civic, with the Honda Accord not far behind it. These are the cars that have sold the most, and these are the cars that consumers keep coming back to. It’s not simply the case that they’ve gone through a popular patch that finished as quickly as it started; these cars have stood the test of time. Both of them have been around for a while, and they’re still much loved.

The Accord V6 EX-L version was incredibly fast and sporty too. It works as a family car, of course, but the V6 EX-L model proved that it could do so much more than that too. It’s a truly versatile car that shows off what Honda can do at its very best. The Civic is an even better family car though. It’s cheap to buy and cheap to run, and if that sounds like the kind of car that would suit you, you should visit to find out a bit more.

If you’re more interested in the sportier racecars that Honda make so well, the best would have to be either the NSX Type-R or the S2000 CR. They’re very different cars, but they’re also the two fastest that Honda has ever produced. The S2000 CR went into mainstream production and sold to the public for very reasonable prices, so you could buy one if you like! The CR version is lighter, quicker and better looking than the ordinary S2000 model.


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Honda is, of course, a huge force in the car market, but it’s an even bigger force in the motorbike market. Since the late 1950s, Honda has been the biggest and most dominant manufacturer of motorbikes, and buyers love that they do. At its peak in the mid-1980s, the company was making in excess of 3 million motorbikes each year. That has reduced since then, but they still make a lot more than their competitors do.

For me, the best motorbike the company has released is the VFR800 VTEC. It was released in its current form for the first time in 2005. It did struggle before going into production as design issues rose their head. But, luckily, those problems were all ironed out, so we’re all free to enjoy the majesty of this incredible bike. Of course, there are plenty of other great Honda bikes, and your choice may be different to mine. But this is their finest if you ask me.
There’s the CBR600F that comes a close second to the VFR800 VTEC. It’s a bike that’s comfortable yet practical with a sporty edge to it as well. The quality of the build is top notch too, so you should be able to pick up a used model that’s in great condition. Unfortunately, the bike is no longer in production, so you won’t find a brand new model.

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